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GM Fixing Teslas

 General Motors dealership garages have been quite busy recently... repairing Teslas.

During the automaker's Investor Day presentation in New York on Thursday, company President Mark Reuss announced that GM service facilities had repaired over 11,000 Tesla vehicles since 2021.

Reuss told investors, "So that's a growing business for us."

"It's a new company, which is fantastic."

Reuss did not clarify on the sort of maintenance being done on the cars, and GM has not responded to FOX Business' request for further information.

Tesla has grown its service network over the last two years, but its locations still number in the hundreds, compared to GM's thousands.

According to GM, 90% of the U.S. population is within 10 miles of a service facility.

"This is why Tesla is now investing millions to recreate our existing brick and mortar service locations," Reuss explained.

Tesla also has a fleet of mobile service cars and professionals who may do various repairs at the customer's residence. Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted in June: "Tesla North American service is being developed. The goal is for two-thirds of automobiles to have same-day servicing with no wait."

Along with the cash gained by the work, Reuss stated that the firm benefits from the free advertising created by Tesla owners being exposed to its portfolio within the showrooms.

"That's huge for us," he remarked.

GM presently has four all-electric models across its brands, but it plans to add at least six more by early 2024 in order to attain a North American production capacity of one million vehicles per year by 2025.

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