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The world of technology is growing day by day, getting better and more sophisticated. You can look back, in 1990 at the beginning of the internet, how sophisticated it was. 10 years later, the world of technology had grown rapidly in 2000, there were mobile phones, and the internet was growing, and in just a short time, fuel appeared, then android which changed almost all world technology at that time.

Then 10 years later, namely in 2010, the world of technology has become increasingly stable and almost all lines and industries are using smart technology. And 10 years after that, namely 2020. The world has turned into a world of technology with highly sophisticated artificial intelligence. all completely robotic both software and hardware. Then how human???

I don't know what the year 2030 will be like, what is clear, we as humans must continue to learn without stopping. Learn to control yourself and learn not to fall behind. because change is certain. Likewise with blogging. Blogs are only a small part of the world of technology. And we were there... well, trying to earn a fortune from writing and blogs that somehow change the world.

What is clear is that we continue to study and write down the history of technology from time to time for all of you to find out and learn together.


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Email: juliningkali @ gmail dot com