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YouTube Testing New Product Tags for Short Clips and Expanding Music Options

YouTube is expanding its Shorts monetization options with a new experiment that will allow select producers to identify things for purchase within their Shorts footages.

According to The Financial Times, YouTube has launched a new test initiative with chosen producers in the United States that will see product tags featured within Shorts, with viewers in the United States, India, Brazil, Canada, and Australia able to see the tags and purchase straight in the app.

According to the Financial Times:

"[YouTube] is presently testing its 'affiliate marketing' plan, which pays commission to artists who sell things, with a small group of US-based creators." YouTube, the retailer, and the author all receive an unspecified percentage of the transaction."

As the struggle for creative talent heats up in the space, this might be a lifeline for Shorts artists as well as another significant factor in YouTube's favor.

The difficulty with short-form video is that you can't just place pre- and mid-roll adverts as you can with lengthier material, making direct monetization challenging. YouTube has already announced a new ad scheme in which commercials will be placed in-between Shorts and a percentage of all cash produced will be divided with artists based on Shorts success.

However, direct monetization through product listings may be a more lucrative and direct way of allocating income to producers on the app, making Shorts a more enticing alternative for people trying to generate money from their clips.

TikTok is also working on its own in-stream commerce solutions, with a particular emphasis on live-stream commerce. TikTok has already achieved tremendous success with the integration of commerce in Douyin, the Chinese version of the app, which is why it views purchasing connections as a critical road ahead for its platform.

TikTok's video clips already have their own form of product tagging possibilities.

It's unclear if YouTube's new product tags will resemble this, but as previously said, it's another step in YouTube's development of stronger revenue paths for short-form producers in the app.

In other Shorts news, YouTube will now allow Shorts creators to use longer than 15-second excerpts of famous songs in their Shorts video.

"Creators: You've been asking for more than 15 seconds of audio in your Shorts, and now you can!" Most tracks will allow you to use 30s-60s of music and up to 60s of original audio from qualifying Shorts and VODs."

This will increase the app's ability to employ music, which will aid in music marketing while also generating new creative trends.

"The audio selector will show you how much audio you can use from each music track or movie (15s, 30s, or 60s), and you'll need to modify the duration of your video recording to 60s to utilize more than 15s of audio."

According to YouTube, the new, lengthier music clip option is now available to users.

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