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6 Ways to Get Money from Blogs Proven to be Paid

Today, being a blog writer is no longer just a hobby. Being a blogger (read: blog writer) is just like living another profession, where we also get paid. For them, the purpose of blogging is not only to channel their hobby of writing, but also to earn money or income.

Then, how do you get money from a blog? Bloggers, of course, are used to getting questions like that. For them, many roads lead to Rome, er many ways to make money blogging. Starting from the easy way to the most difficult way to do.

Each blogger of course has a different method, according to knowledge and experience, of course. In essence, there are ways that work for some bloggers and some are not. Experience and flying hours determine how a blogger makes money and what method is right for him.

Here I describe 6 ways to make money through blogs that need to be tried. I have done some of these methods, some are based on the experiences of other blogger friends. In essence, making money through a blog is very easy to do.

1. Earn Money from AdSense

It seems that there are almost no bloggers who don't know what Google AdSense is. You see, Google AdSense is the first and foremost way chosen by most bloggers to monetize blogs.

The Google AdSense registration process is quite easy and uncomplicated. The conditions are not very heavy. In essence, all we have to do is register our website/blog with the Google AdSense program, wait for it to be approved, install the ad code, and wait for income. Very simple, right?

In reality, it's not that easy. A number of bloggers received several rejections before being accepted as Google AdSense publishers. However, many are immediately accepted as publishers with just one list.

If you want to sign up for Google AdSense and want to earn money from blogs, then it's important to pay attention to a few things. For example, writing 10 unique articles (not copy-pasting), completing blog navigation such as the about us menu, privacy policy, contact us and sitemaps. This is important so that your blog is accepted as soon as possible to serve ads by Google.

There are several types of blogs that bloggers choose, such as content blogs in the form of articles or wallpaper blogs (filled with images) that rely on traffic from image search. Whatever the type of blog, the most important thing is traffic. Without traffic, a blog will not produce anything, except only the owner's inner satisfaction.

There are many ways to generate traffic. For example, using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, search engine marketing (SEM) or paid traffic. If you want to get traffic quickly, paid traffic is a great choice. You can use Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Bing Ads or other paid links.

The money you spend paying for these platforms may be worth the results you will get. Remember, the working system of advertising programs like Google AdSense is abundant traffic. The greater the traffic, the greater the income you can get.

2. Make Money with MGID

The other day, a friend informed me that his income from MGID was over $100 or exceeded the withdrawal threshold. He was not happy to play, and admitted that he was waiting for payment via Paypal.

For information, MGID is an online advertising company headquartered in Santa Monica, California. Previously headquartered in New York in 2008 and Los Angeles since 2014. This company was founded in 2004 which was built by a young programmer from Ukraine, Stanislav Telyatnikov, by presenting modern advertising technology.

Like most pay per click (PPC) advertising platforms, MGID is also available for advertisers and publishers. If I'm not mistaken, this company has come to Indonesia since 2018 and has collaborated with many large companies. Now, most of the online media in Indonesia use this MGID service to monetize their content.

MGID is known as a provider of natural advertising or native advertising with a modern twist. Being a leader in the field of lifestyle and entertainment advertising, as well as being very powerful as a provider of high quality content promotion services. Ads from MGID are highly recognizable and different from ads from neighboring platform services.

Even though MGID cooperates a lot with news websites to display their advertisements, we bloggers also have the opportunity to get profit from them. Moreover, registering as an MGID publisher is very easy. You only need to have a blog with interesting content, lots of visitors and of course not violating the MGID ToS.

However, before registering, you should first read and understand the rules of the game from MGID.

This MGID can be an alternative to Google AdSense, if your blog is repeatedly rejected by Google. If you want to be successful with MGID, it's a good idea to start increasing your blog traffic so you can payout every month. Interested in trying MGID? Please register for MGID here.

3. Get money from the Affiliate Program/Referral

One of the most effective ways to earn money from a blog is to use an affiliate program. Affiliate programs, also known as referral programs, are very popular among internet marketers who want to make additional income from blogging. If you're the type of blogger who uses the internet to make money, there's nothing wrong with trying out this referral program.

The way this affiliate program works is quite easy. We will we get a commission for every product that we promote. The advantage of monetizing a blog in this way is that if the visitors are targeted you can get income even though your blog visitors are small.

This affiliate program allows you to earn commissions after successfully inviting people to use a product. You simply promote a product, and then there are visitors to your blog who are interested and then buy the product. With this purchase, as an affiliate, you get a predetermined amount of commission.

So, this program allows you to receive income after promoting a product. The people you offer are then interested and buy the product. Through this purchase, you get a commission of a percentage of the total purchases made.

Some affiliate programs that you can try for blogs are:

  • – Affiliate hotels (Agoda,, etc.)
  • – Digital product affiliates (, idaff, clickbank, jvzoo, etc.)
  • – Affiliate certain online shop or marketplace (lazada, amazon, ebay, etc.)
  • – Affiliate business (currency trading, crypto, options, etc.)
  • – Software
  • – Hosting and domains

4. Paid Content Placement/Guest Post

Another easy way to monetize a blog is through content placement or paid post quests. In print media, we often see advertorial writing or articles written in an editorial/news style.

If your blog already has traffic, has a Domain Authority (DA) above 15, and appears on the first page for several keywords, then you are ready to accept content placement. What is content placement? In simple terms, content placement is the placement of articles/content on a blog/website. Usually, content placements in the form of articles come from a brand.

Content placement can be in the form of paid advertisements or sponsored posts from a brand or them. Bloggers who provide content placement slots will receive income because they have posted articles in the form of advertisements, and those who provide advertisements will receive benefits in the form of product promotion widely.

5. ShortLink

Shortlinks can also be a way to make money through blogs. If taken seriously, this URL Shortener service can be a source of income for those of you who are struggling in the online world.

As we know, there are many ways to get money from the internet, but many of us sometimes do it the wrong way, and are also impatient. Making money from the internet (a blog is just one of them) is not as easy as putting money into an ATM machine. However, if you are a little creative and know how to do it right, making money from the internet is very easy.

You can start by looking for interesting links: it can be movie links, wise words links, book links, or motivational article links. You can get these links anywhere, and then shorten the link using the shortlink service. Then, the link that you have shortened, you share via blogs, social media, email or WhatsApp group chats. But, do it carefully and naturally, don't play squeamish!

This URL Shortener service is really interesting. With this service, making money is now no longer limited by space and time. One of the frequently used shortlink services is However, the shortlink that pays its users is and the minimum payout is only $5. If interested, please register here.

6. Ad Spots

If your blog has interesting and unique content, and has an abundance of visitors, there's nothing wrong with providing independent advertising space. Especially if your blog plays a certain niche, of course brands will look at it.

There are two ways to do this. First, offer advertising space to brand owners or passively wait for advertisers, only by placing banners to accept advertisements. You can adjust the price rate, for example IDR 250,000 per week and so on.

If your blog is popular, there will definitely be brands willing to pay up to IDR 1 million for an ad that appears for a month.

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