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Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Latest Specs

Latest generation SUV from Mitsubishi ready to enliven the world of automotive with luxury on offer, both in terms of interior and exterior. Here the mitsubishi really design it in high-level accuracy. As a result the exterior of the car which is dubbed as Eclipse Cross, looks so perfect for a current SUV. Then in the interior line, later the users will be given a true comfort.

Comfortable feeling can be started from the seat, where the mitsubishi arranged with quality materail. And do not miss the entertainment features in the dashboard planted in the form of a complete head unit with touchscreen panel that has a wide span. With it my friend will be able to play favorite songs, videos and access the navigation easily, because enough with a touch, all can be reached. Then on other details, you can check the full review on Specifications and Price Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross below.

Comes in the SUV Coupe concept, making it different from other SUVs. Moreover the dual headlamp unit is mounted between the right and the left, not only designed in a modern way, but the detail is shown with sharp lines every curve of the body, including the grille + logo mitsubishi wrapped in chrome colors, making it look sporty and dynamic. But without compromising the functionality of the front lines, Mitsubishi equip it with DRL, HID Lights, dual Foglamp, which will provide maximum lighting during the night.

The dimensions of the size of this latest Mitsubishi SUV show that Eclipse Cross big body with 4.405 × 1.805 × 1.685mm. Then switch to the interior, in accordance with the price of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is not cheap, making it equipped with high-tech features, where the dashboard in its contents with an intuitive audio video playback that can be operated through the touchpad controller. From that part the driver can access various car information easily and with a high level of security.

Mitsubishi designed a new engine model to be applied to the latest generation of SUVs. At least Eclipse Cross will be presented in two different options. The first variant will be reinforced with a 1.5L type engine, fully supported by direct injection turbo gasoline, and use CVT transmission, which is claimed to accelerate fast. Then the second option is on offer along with the 2.2L diesel turbo type engine, but the difference is, this variant offers 8-speed AT and 6-speed MT transmission.

Although the two options given by Mitsubishi usung two different engine criteria, but each machine has a performance and tough performance, which can deliver every user to feel the driving sensation is much more exciting than other brand SUV car. While the matter of fuel consumption, my friend does not need to worry about it, even though both are said to be so powerful, and can reach top speed in just seconds, but thanks to injection technology in the adoption, pemakain BBM become more efficient.

In order to ensure the comfort of driving, the legs are brought in complete suspension with high quality, which will be able to absorb the vibration to the maximum, and provide more balance, both when the position of high speed and when in a sharp turn. But without ruling out the existing luxury, mitsubishi apply racing wheel sporty design, complete with tires with high traction, and supported the ABS technology.

Then in order to further optimize it again, the mitsubishi also equip it with S-AWC technology, which has a function to improve the stability of driving in a high level, so you no longer need to hesitate when passing the streets unstable and meet the holes in the streets, because with these features later, Automotive buddies can feel more comfortable, even when walking in rain conditions.

Surely behind the premium design that brought, mitsubishi also complete with various interesting features and berteknoloi high inside. Starting from the Smartphone Link Display which is packed in 7 inch Audio Display Link. The cool thing is, to be able to access it does not have to touch the screen directly, but Eclipse Cross provides the Touch Pad Controller next to shifting, which is so easy to reach when the left hand leans to the center. Then installed Blind Spot Warning on the rearview mirror, which will provide a warning to the driver when there is another vehicle approaching.

There is also a Head UP Display, where this section has a transparent color. Then to ensure the security of users more, in addition to airbags, this one SUV stretcher features Lane Departure Warning, which will provide a warning when the driver out of the lane / road, installed also Adaptive Cruise Control that can stop the car automatically when the vehicle in front stop Abrupt and foraward Collision Mitigation that can detect with a laser + camera on the front that can detect pedestrians and vehicles in front.

Too fast when we talk about the price of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, the article mitsubishi party has not been officially announced on the market. But with all the supplies he carries, it is certain that this one SUV car will be off at high sales figures. But fortunately, the Eclipse Cross variant, mitsubishi provide several options options, especially the gasoline engine-fired version with 1.5L engine type that is sure to be sold cheaper than the 2.0L diesel engine version.

But even with different engines, both are supported by full features and high technology, which in addition can provide a sense of comfort, can also ensure the security of both the driver and passengers in it more. How ? Whether my friend interested to have it when already on the market? More details will be the specification and how expensive the price of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross when entering the market, my friend can check directly here.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 1.5 4WD CVT Car Review

The Eclipse Cross is Mitsubishi in the current style. Japan's producer of unpleasant and intense 4x4s has recognized the trail bursted by sleek hybrid "cars, for example, the Range Rover Evoque and Toyota C-HR, and reacted with this fair size SUV. Officials position the 'Cross as a stepchange in outside outline and inside quality, while holding Mitsubishi's center precepts: variable four-wheel drive and the guarantee that this SUV will survive an especially testing atomic winter. UK orders start around October with conveyances in January, with costs from about £21,000.

The front end is tough, geometric and generally unwavering to the Mitsubishi family confront, yet – whoa there – it resembles an entire 'nother auto from the B-posts back. The roofline goes down like a Premiership footballer, at that point an articulated body slice flashes back the other way: it's all extremely characteristic of Zorro. Round the back you discover a rear end with a split glasshouse, similar to a Civic or Prius, which goes more in and out than the Hokey Cokey. The work of new outline boss Tsunehiro Kunimoto, it's much more particular than the Mitsubishi standard.

The plan garments a bundle that is entirely open, for people at any rate. Raise kneeroom and headroom are fine for a six-footer, and that was with the optional sunroof which scotches the customary auto's twofold air pocket formed rooftop. The raked rooftop and thin sideglass do encroach a little on raise perceivability, and may make some tall travelers claustrophobic, however the seat back can be leaned back (and situate base slid forward). The boot is wide yet shallow, and just swallows 341 liters of gear – a Qashqai will stomach 430. Climb in advance - the ride stature is detectably more charging and SUV-like than a Seat Ateca hybrid for one - and the seats are wide and squidgy. What's more, that solace center doesn't simply apply to the roosts...

How about we simply say the Eclipse Cross is destined to voyage, and journey in impressive solace. The suspension - MacPherson struts at the front, multi-interface up back - is delicate, permitting the Mitsubishi to coast over Barcelona's perfect streets. Now and again it feels somewhat floaty, in 120kph motorway sweepers, and trouble betide you for going into a corner excessively hot. The light, elasticated controlling is somewhat quiet on hand over, and the Eclipse Cross rolls and gets very cross at being tossed into corners that an Ateca, lighter by no less than 100kg, would despatch tranquilly. Be that as it may, get the right passage speed (measured, moderate in), and the Mitsubishi holds fine and dandy and directing modifications can be made with exactness and power nourished in. In the long run.

That is on account of throttle reaction is not Yohan Blake-fast out of the pieces, close by for you to tuck the nose in mid-corner, with the turbocharged 1.5-liter four-chamber motor coupled to a Continuously Variable Transmission. So you can wind up squeezing the throttle too immovably, the revs flaring as a stepless CVT is wont to do. So, the subsequent ox-like motor commotion is really all around smothered.

In spite of the fact that the auto mode can make the motor turn 'til the afterlife under light load, there's a manual abrogate by means of classy plastic oars, which recreates an auto's ventured proportions. On a twisty sloping area, you could leave the crate in "third" and it'll joyfully cover the imperative 40-80kph (25-50mph) speed band, without insolently switching up. Increasing speed is satisfactory as opposed to andrenalising: 0-62mph takes 9.8secs. Mitsubishi recognizes that Europeans are less responsive to CVTs, notwithstanding their conservative size/weight and mileage benefits, however this CVT feels fine to pootling about. Joined mileage is 40.3mpg.

Also, what of Mitsubishi's extremely popular four-wheel drive? You can have your Eclipse Cross as a front-driver with six-speed manual, or all-wheel drive CVT (or a 2.2 diesel that arrives later). In standard auto mode, torque is part 80:20 front:rear, however up to 45% can be sent in reverse in extremis. Singular wheels can be braked if slip is distinguished, in an offered to keep up forward energy, and this S-AWC (Super-All Wheel Control) framework has two other customized settings, snow and rock, with the last sending up to 60% of torque to the back to overcome precarious territory. Mitsubishi has five WRC titles, and more Dakar rally wins than any other individual, remember.

Truly well. It's too soon for an Euro NCAP rating, yet builds have plumbed in self-ruling crisis braking, dynamic journey control which brakes and quickens the auto in activity, a notice ring on the off chance that you veer out of path and seven airbags. There's even discretionary head-up show.

The Eclipse Cross satisfies Mitsubishi's notoriety for strong and tough cockpits, yet with some welcome touches of energy. The test auto highlighted trim embeds in gleam piano dark and fake carbonfibre, in addition to silver-shaded accents separating the dashboard and illustrating the air vents.

A touchscreen reminiscent of a BMW's crowns the dash, which can likewise be worked by a touchpad which reacts pretty precisely to your finger's developments. All things considered, there are a lot of stout catches, apparently the span of smaller than expected matchboxes, and enormous, unfussy dials.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are standard: Mitsubishi thinks maker provided sat-nav is a waste of time, when individuals constantly utilize their cell phones to get around.

With Mitsubishi now under the control of Renault-Nissan and starting to space into its stage procedure, is the Eclipse Cross the remainder of the old Mitsubishis or the first of the new?

In building terms it's the previous, however typically, a touch of both. The cushy ride that feels Citroën-esque, the quieted moving refinement and the recharged inside quality and tech are each of the a stage forward for the brand. The guarantee of its all-wheel drive capacity and the on-street elements are more old-school, as you may already know.

Aficionados will likely discover the drive a bit of disappointing, yet families searching for a roomy, cultivated and skeptical smaller SUV now have another contender to consider, from a brand with genuine 4x4-family.

Mitsubishi is appearing its first all-new model in quite a long while, yet the organization has dug its past for the new little hybrid's name: Eclipse Cross. No, it doesn't impart anything past the identification to the long-running Eclipse sports roadster and convertible that, now and again, reinforced Mitsubishi's notoriety for execution before vanishing in 2012. Rather, the Eclipse Cross is an emphatically non-execution situated little SUV measured correspondingly to the new Jeep Compass and the Subaru Crosstrek.

The Eclipse Cross offers its 105.1-inch wheelbase with both the present Outlander Sport and Outlander hybrids, in spite of the fact that the new model's 173.4-inch length fits conveniently between the two. Mitsubishi says that the following Sport will shrivel a bit and the following Outlander will develop, better dispersing out the three, yet for the time being there's a lot of cover.

Unless you require the Outlander's third-push situate, the Eclipse Cross seems, by all accounts, to be the pick of the Mitsubishi litter because of its for the most part appealing plan, its updated inside, and its new turbocharged inline-four. The direct-infused 1.5-liter will be the main motor in the United States (Europeans get a diesel too), mated to a standard persistently factor programmed transmission with either front-or all-wheel drive. Drive and torque numbers aren't accessible yet, yet Mitsubishi has said that it will be more intense than the current 2.4-liter actually suctioned four-chamber that makes 166 strength in the Outlander. So no, it won't be a recovery of the Eclipse GSX you recollect from the 1990s.

The Eclipse Cross uses the organization's "dynamic shield" grille outline; it helps us a bit to remember a marginally conditioned down Lexus NX. A wedge-molded profile includes a character line that ascents to the unmistakable backside. Back there, the styling is less effective, with the cut up raise window and thick tasteful inspiring recollections of the highly defamed Pontiac Aztek's outline.

Within, Mitsubishi appears to have taken a page from Lexus' book, with another touchpad controller that is almost indistinguishable to that extravagance brand's Remote Touch Interface, yet without the mouselike controller. We're not enthusiasts of that framework, so we trust the Eclipse Cross can enhance its operation. A head-up show and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto similarity are accessible, and the inside outline appears to be completely more present day than those in Mitsu's maturing current offerings.

The 2018 Eclipse Cross is slated to touch base in Europe this fall, with U.S. deals starting in mid 2018. Evaluating presently can't seem to be declared, yet it should fall somewhere close to the $20,690 Outlander Sport and the $24,390 Outlander.

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