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How to Distinguish Real and Fake Gold so It's Not Easy to Be Fooled

People are still confused to understand how to distinguish real and fake gold. Gold has existed since 4000 years BC. Evidenced by the discovery of human fossils wearing a gold necklace around his neck. It is estimated that humans lived in the stone age.

How to distinguish real and fake gold before buying it

Before deciding to buy gold, it is important to know in advance which gold is real and fake. This is done to anticipate so as not to be deceived by irresponsible persons. Instead of being confused, see the brief discussion below.

1. Rub Gold With Fingers

When buying a gold rub the surface with your finger. The goal is to determine whether it is genuine or fake. If after rubbing the color changes, it can be ascertained that the gold is fake.

Real gold will not change color if rubbed with your fingers or other objects. Even if it is burned at a low temperature, it will not change color. Because it has a solid color, not just the outer layer.

2. Bite Gold

To find out whether gold is real or fake, you can do it by biting it. Indeed this technique sounds unique. But it is proven that it can be used to determine the authenticity of this soft metal.

If bitten does not leave a mark and the texture is hard, it can be ascertained that it is fake. However, this technique can only be used to check the authenticity of gold bars, coins and chips. Keep in mind that the higher the karat, the softer the texture of the gold will be.

3. Bring Gold Closer With Magnet

Gold is a precious metal that cannot be attracted by a magnet. Therefore, to check the authenticity can be done by bringing it closer to a magnet. If the magnet is able to attract it it can be ascertained that it is fake gold.

This method is considered less effective to know 100 percent of its authenticity. This is because many metals have non-magnetic properties. Therefore, it is better to use another method.

4. Scratching Gold on Paper or Ceramics

Real gold will not leave any traces or marks when rubbed on paper/ceramic. While in other types of metal will leave a mark. Please note that this method also applies to checking the authenticity of copper.

The risk of this technique is damage to the gold surface. However, if you still want to use this method, do so with caution. This method has proven to be quite effective.

5. Using Acidic Liquid

Checking real gold or not can be done in a more professional way, namely using an acid solution. Simply drip nitric acid onto the gold surface. If after dripping gold acid liquid turns green, it can be ascertained that it is fake.

Nitric acid can also change the color of the gold surface based on the coating material used. If the color changes to milky white after being dripped with acid, it means that the gold is coated with silver. If you want to know which jewelry is genuine or not, you can use this method.

6. Carefully Look at the Gold Certificate

Besides being used to support the authenticity of gold. This certificate can also be used to find out which white gold is real and which is fake. How to place a gold certificate under ultraviolet light.

If the certificate is genuine there will be a colorful minor line like the one on banknotes. On the original gold certificate there will be a green block in each description. Now you understand, right?

Types of gold in Indonesia

Why is gold called a precious metal? Many people dub this object as a precious metal. This is because gold is not easily corroded, not affected by environmental conditions.

Gold also has a fairly high selling price when compared to other metals such as copper, platinum and silver. So what kind?

1.Gold Granule

Understandably if there are still many people who do not know this type of gold. Its products are still rarely found in the Indonesian market to be the cause. This type of gold has a powder form that is suitable for craftsmen.

Usually the craftsmen will process it into derivative products mixed with gold. Later the jewelry or the resulting product has a low gold content. Therefore, the selling price is also affordable.

2. Gold Bars

In contrast to jewelry that has a low gold content, gold bullion is 24 carat. This type of gold is suitable as an investment because the price continues to increase.

The sizes also vary from 1 gram, 2.5 grams, 5 grams and more than 10 grams. Ownership of this type of gold is general. This means that it does not have to be owned by women but can also be for men.

3. Gold Online

Online gold trading already exists in Indonesia. When you buy gold online you will get a virtual product. However, these online gold products can still be used for investment.

The advantage you get when investing in gold online is that you don't have to worry about damage and loss of goods because it is stored in a place that already has a high level of security. Are you interested in investing in gold online?

Investing in gold is indeed very promising because every year the price always increases, so there is no need to worry about losses. However, before starting to invest you must know your future goals.

That's a brief discussion of how to distinguish real and fake gold that must be known so as not to be deceived.

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