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How Youtube Pays Content Creators

Does YouTube in determining payment check the quality of video content, or only judge from the number of subscribers and the number of viewers?

Youtube doesn't care about the number of subscribers and the number of viewers. Please distinguish the number of viewers is different from the number of views. Of course, youtube pays attention to the quality of the content, if the video does not meet youtube policies[1], then the video will not be monetized. If you meet YouTube's policies, then videos can make money.

The parameters used by youtube to determine how much is paid are;

Number of missed ad servings (skippable ads) + Number of clicked ads (clickable ads) - Number of invalid clicks.

The factors that determine the amount vary greatly, depending on the ad budget in the country where the video is shown (demography). Videos targeting domestic and foreign audiences generally have different ad budget values, because domestic and foreign advertisers are also different. So if the video that we upload is watched by foreign viewers, we can be sure that we will get a portion of the value of the advertising budget from abroad.

Skippable ads also have value, although not as big as clickable ads. So even if the ads on the video are skipped, the video still gets money. In my experience the value is very, very small, maybe around USD 0.01 per ad that is skipped.

Unnatural clicks. If the video is clicked by the ad repeatedly, and with a short span of time, or is clicked by the same person, or the same IP address, then YouTube has protection, called Invalid Clicks[2] . So before the money is transferred, sometimes it is cut first. This reduces youtube's losses on ad fund leaks.

Ads displayed. The number of views will also increase the number of ads served. But what to remember is, not every video that is played will always serve ads (1 view 1 ad). Youtube arranges in such a way that ads run per certain viewing duration. I don't know how their settings are about how long the ad will reappear every time we watch a video, but YouTube ensures that the ads that are shown will make the viewer not feel bored with continuous ads.

Conclusion :

By paying attention to the points above, YouTube is very concerned about a healthy ecosystem between advertisers, content creators, and viewers. So youtube always does a strict check on the quality of video content.

Sorry it's a bit long, hope it helps.

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