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Open Pawnshop Gold Savings Via Tokopedia, Free Deposit for the First 6 Months

PT Pegadaian provides a free deposit promo for 6 (six) months for new customers who open a Pegadaian Gold Savings account starting from September 29, 2022 until March 29, 2023. The deposit fee is the fee for managing the customer's gold savings balance that is physically deposited at Pegadaian. The management fee indirectly proves that the customer's gold savings are physically guaranteed.

This promo is given to attract Tokopedia application users to take advantage of the Pawnshop Gold Savings product as a financial management solution. In addition, it is also an appreciation for new customers for their support in using digital transactions initiated by Tokopedia and Pegadaian.

Head of the Corporate Communications Department of PT Pegadaian Basuki Tri Andayani said that PT Pegadaian continues to consistently carry out transformations in both the digital and cultural sectors. One of the implementations of the business transformation carried out is the use of the Digital Pegadaian application as a means of transaction and communication.

"Currently, the number of Pegadaian Gold Savings customers as of August 2022 is 5.3 million people. Meanwhile, there are 2.9 million downloaders of the Pegadaian Digital application, an increase of 14.92% compared to the same period last year. This is our challenge to invite so that all gold savings customers can take advantage of the Digital Pegadaian application. This application makes it very easy for customers to make transactions to add savings balances (top up), sell or pawn. Transactions can be done anywhere and anytime even on holidays," he said.

Basuki further said that to be able to activate the Digital Pegadaian application, customers must have BRI, BNI, Mandiri and BCA bank accounts. This is a separate obstacle considering that some of Pegadaian's customers are traditional customers who do not have bank accounts.

"In the field we found that some people have physical gold savings in the form of gold bars or jewelry. For them physically holding gold is part of their social status. While some others don't like gold physically for security reasons, so they choose gold savings physically. through the application, because it prioritizes saving gold to protect asset value (hedging)," he explained.

Both types of customers are accommodated by Pegadaian with Gold Installments and Gold Savings products. Saving gold both traditionally and digitally, said Basuki, both are good and useful in addition to protecting asset values, gold can also be used as a means of planning future finances and can be used as a safety net in times of crisis.

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