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Pertamina with the Effort to Increase loan quality and founding

Pertamina Role as a develop agent had been touched all of the sector subject in small and micro entrepreneurs. Through PKBL, government have pushed BUMN to rise up the status of the small and micro entrepreneurs therefore they can be more exist. 

There are a lot of entrepreneurs that can break through export market. There are two kind in PKBL, Program Kemitraan (PK) dan Program Bina Lingkungan (BL). Partnership fund will drop to micro, small and middle entrepreneurs that become company’s partner of BUMN on credit fund.

According to the regulation that the credit interest that will be paid by mitra binaan are 6% per year or lower than credit interest that propose by the bank.

Meanwhile, Bina Lingkungan Program was a grant fund allocation that purposes to community development like natural disaster help, care of the importance of the knowledge, skill through education program and training, increase healthy service, restructure the infrastructure and religion activities.The purposes of PKBL was to increase BUMN participation on potential efficiency and economic condition, social and society environment.

With the effort to increase loan quality and founding, make small, middle and micro industry or it’s called bay “Mitra Binaan Pertamina” would be strong and independent and also can compete in national and global market.

To guarantee viability micro enterprises, besides fund facility, they also had leading and training to increase their capacity, and promotion help through exhibition.

For example, exhibition called “Gelar Karya PKBL BUMN” that celebrate on 18-22 February, there are some “mitra binaan” that followed that international exhibition and some of them got “mitra binaan award”

With the fundamental alteration on business and regulation on national oil and gas sector, Pertamina was the biggest national oil and gas company, already increase efficiency and competitiveness. Good company’s arrangement, responsibilities and continuous management was a first focus from the new Pertamina that harmonize the importance of the functionary.

Pertamina was now implementing the best international business practice and invested in explore area, technology and production facility, to create the new business opportunity in the future. Pertamina was open and actively interlace profitable cooperation, create the best solution that optimize the result and build capability as a world clas oil and gas company.

With Pertamina, Indonesian pride Company, we can do the best mission to combine result, profit, continuous development and the best business practice.

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