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Top 5 How To Get Money For Graphic Designer on The Internet

Today, who doesn't know the internet? Simply have a cellphone, data plan, open a browser and you are connected to the internet. And it's no secret, there are many stories on the internet that you can make money on the internet. Have a global customer or client? Who doesn't want it ?!
Let's look at 5 ways to get money on the internet for those of you who have graphic design skills!

1. Logo Contest

What is a logo contest? Simple logo contest, you will be faced with a lot of contests to create a logo. You can choose one or several contests that you can join. In each contest there is a client who will provide a briefing where he describes the logo as desired. So you only need to follow the directions of the client and make the appropriate logo. So easy right?

But there are also many rivals in contest. The competition is indeed tight, but the prize is also delicious! Ranging from $ 100 to $ 1000 dollars, many freelance designers who then dedicate their lives to 'contests'. They usually take 20 to 30 contests a month. Of the 30 contests won 5 contests are pretty good prizes:) Already interested? Lots of websites that provide logo contests, namely:
  • 99designs .com
  • 48hourslogo .com
  • designcrowd .com
Then what about the results of the losing logo design? Don't be sad, you can also sell the losing logo to the next way!

2. Selling designs on microstock

You can still make money with sell to websites such as marketplaces for vectors. You can upload the logo and then if there are users who are interested and buy, then you will get royalties! Royalties obtained range from $ 0.25 to $ 0.38 for regular downloads. Wow, how small is it compared to winning a logo contest ?!

Make no mistake, if the logo contest only wins once, the prize is once too. But if you sell designs on microstock, your logo or designs can be bought multiple times! Here are websites that you can use to sell designs:
But this way is not just to put a design that did not win the contest huh! If taken seriously, this method can be a passive income! There are acquaintances of writers who have long struggled in the world of microstock, from just one website he can make $ 3000 per month. Not yet on other websites, because one design can also be put on another website too! Want to know more details?
How To Make Money from Cents in Microstock.

3. Freelance / Find a client or design project

For this method, the process is that you as a designer can choose from a large list of projects submitted by clients. You can see the project budget along with the briefing. Projects can be of many types, different from the log contest. If your logo contest has to be created first, then this method is the opposite. The client first chooses from a number of design proposals submitted by the designer, then he will choose the designer that suits him then the design is made.

So it wasn't tired at the start. But I suggest, if you choose this way you must have a strong portfolio first. Because when a client chooses a designer, he will check the proposal / portfolio that you submitted. For the price issue, you have the freedom to decide for yourself! Clients usually have an estimated budget listed, now you just have to be smart to compete with other designers when submitting proposals! The following website can be used to search for clients / projects:
  • freelancer .com
  • upwork .com
  • sribulancer .com (local Indonesia)
There used to be a friend of mine who was diligent to submit proposals, he could get up to $ 2,000 a month from just 4 projects. thats amazing..

4. Service / gig

For this method, you as a designer can determine what design services you offer. For example, making WPAP or making vector animals with prices that you set yourself. Interested clients will buy your services. The author recommends it back, it's good you already have a portfolio in advance so you can make an interesting service! The following website you can use:
  • fiverrr. com
  • studio.envato .com 
Based on the authors' kepo-kepo to the ‘gig’ warrior community, there were many who started from being alone to being able to pay employees to create a design team! Amazing too huh?

5. Create a Blog or Video Tutorial

For this method, friends who have design skills can share tutorials by making articles or videos that teach design. Furthermore, if anyone sees the writing or watching the video you can get some money via advertisements or royalties. The following web can be used:
  • skillshare .com
  • udemy .com
  • youtube .com
  • wordrpess .com
(for blogs) The author has also heard (very well), there is one designer who makes video tutorials. Earnings reach thousands of dollars a month!

Well, many ways right to get money from the internet? If you read it seems easy right yes. But remember, if you run it fad, the results will be fad. If taken seriously, the results will be serious!

Good luck!

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