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Batik Gringsing Batang Dance Festival Event

Batang - Participants from elementary school (SD) students danced the Gringsing batik dance to each other at the Batang Regent's Office Hall. They competed in the Simo Gringsing Dance Festival and the Gringsing Batik Dance for SD/MA-SMP/MTS.

"This dance festival lasts for two days, namely Sunday and Monday (13/3). On Sunday, elementary school students are performing," said the Head of the Culture Division, the Batang Regency Education and Culture Office, Affy Koesmoyorini, Sunday (12/ 3).

Affy continued, there were 27 elementary schools participating in the Batik Gringsing dance festival. Each team contains five people and is given time to appear for 4 minutes and 40 seconds. Affy also mentioned that the jury brought in was the initiator of the two typical Batang dances, namely Yoyok Priambodo from Sanggar Greget. The two dances were created from the results of research in 2018.

Middle school level participants will dance the Simo Gringsing dance. They will compete on Monday (13/3).

"The 1st place winner will receive coaching money, a trophy and a certificate. The handover will be carried out at the 57th Batang Regency Anniversary celebration ceremony later," he said.

Currently, his party is still proposing to Acting Batang Regent Lani Dwi Rejeki to send Batang dancers to fill in the Central Java Anniversary procession.

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