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Face Painting Batik, Innovation in Giriloyo Classic Batik

Bantul - Starting from the desire to continue the classic batik business owned by his mother, Akhyar Muzzaki (34), a resident of Giriloyo, Wukirsari, Imogiri, Bantul, started trying to paint faces. At first Ahyar only painted his own face and the results were still unsatisfactory. However, a friend of his trusted him to paint the faces of traditional figures. Since then he started to pursue face painting batik.

Although the process is the same as written batik in general, face painting batik has its own challenges. Apart from being a hobby, this face painting batik is also not easy to trace because there are characters in every stroke. That is what made Akhyar continue to pursue the business he had started in 2013.

Akhyar Muzzaki, who until now still uses the name "Batik Tulis Sidomukti" as the name of his production house, has five workers. On average, each month they can produce 30 to 40 batiks, with prices ranging from 750 thousand to two million rupiahs depending on the details of the painting and the materials used. Like written batik in general, he also uses batik dyes that are environmentally friendly and do not change the texture of the cloth.

Marketing of this face painting batik has reached Singapore and Korea. In collaboration with his partner, Ahyar also has a face painting batik showroom in Jayapura. Most of the buyers order batik painting his own face. Ahyar also often gets orders to paint the faces of several traditional figures, statesmen, and ministers. Just by showing a photo, Ahyar can already make face painting batik.

Currently, the marketing of face painted batik is still word of mouth due to signal problems in the Giriloyo area, so Ahyar has not ventured into online marketing. In addition, the obstacles he faced were production sites that did not meet factory standards and weather conditions. During the rainy season, the production of face painting batik is slower.

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