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Hyundai Kona 2017 Review and Specs

Not to be outdone by its competitors, Hyundai who can say the brand is quite famous in the homeland, is now reportedly going to introduce in the presence of automotive enthusiasts world of competitors from Honda HR-V, which notabennya enter the type of crossover in bekali interesting features and luxury design on the Eksteriror, where the garapannya car is dubbed as Hyundai Kona. His appearance is really fancy, which hyundai makes this car has a ferocious look when viewed from the front.

And no less fancy, the placement of the headlamp made as modern as possible, including the stop lamp model, which shows that Hyundai does not mess with the newest crossover car segment. More steadily, the kitchen sector runways that have kona in claims can produce maximum power is fairly high in its class, especially supported turbocharged and 4 x 4 transmission mode, making it tough. Then about other parts of this one crossover, can you see more details in the Hyundai Kona Specifications and Prices below.

Speaking of design, Hyundai's latest crossover is clearly showing the impression of luxury and stylish. Moreover, the placement of the main lights, fog and lamu city equipped with LEDs, as well as in modern design, making it so interesting to be a partner on the street. Grill is in wear it also formed in large size, along with hyundai logo in the middle, in addition to adding the value of the design side, the part will also help cool the engine to be more optimal.

Continue to the side, like a crossover in general, ground clearance is made in the size of high, where it was deliberately done hyundai for this new SUV car has high torque, and certainly can pass a variety of road terrain. Then just as with the front, the back line uses a stoplamp that is designed with the following styles in this age of shells, so looks so interesting. Especially strengthened with large-sized 5-spoke motif wheels, making it look sturdy and strong.

Extra extensive baggage will certainly enjoy you later, with a dimension of length of 70.9 inch, and overall height reaches 61.0 inch, making it has a whellbase along the 102.4 inch. Mantapnnya, Hyundai Kona interior is supported by high technology, ranging from head unit with large 7 inch, which in wedge navigation button panel on both sides, with Android Auto & Apple CarPlay compatibility, wireless charging, 4G wi-fi connectivity, steering audio system, Even pull it again, detail is equipped with full collor graphics.

The seating on the basis of quality materials, be it the foam, and the coat upholstery, with it will ensure every user, both the driver and the passenger feel comfortable even if traveling far, arm rest also do not forget installed in the middle between the passenger and the driver, Cool again, 8 inch screen panel provided by Hyundai on the roof, which later can be enabled as a player of various multimedia content clearly.

There are several options offered by hyundai, Hyundai's first hybrid crossover is presented with Atkinson-cycle 2.0 engine, 4 cylinder inline, which can accelerate quickly, generate maximum power of 147 HP and 132 lb-ft of torque. While the transmission model is installed using the 7 speed automatic type. The second type comes with a 1.6L engine that is supported turbocharged and gain power seebesar 175 HP and 195 lb-ft of torque, while the transmission in wearing the 7 speed dual clutch automatic.

There's more, mentioned in the global version, in addition to what we mentioned earlier, there are additional 1.0L type 3-cylinder inline engine, and type 1.6L 4-cylinder diesel type. However, it does not mean that the technology supports it differently, because it is confirmed that Hyundai will equip it with 3 driving modes, from Normal, Sport and Eco, where it can be customized by adjusting the contours of the streets we will pass, or the need to drive.

In order to increase the sense of comfort when driving on the streets, hyundai cultivate 4 suspensions with quality is above average, complete with large wheels, so not only looks more attractive, but allows my friend as a user can maneuver easily, Even if stuck, man free to maneuver with Hyunnda kona. Then on the braking side, the front and rear use disc brakes.

Then to optimize it, ABS technology was not escaped in add by the Hyundai to this new SUV, which will ensure the rider remains in safe condition even braking suddenly. In addition, the Hyundai Kona price will be fixed on high sales figures, making it equipped with complete safety features, such as airbags that are not only terpasanng 2 pieces on the front, but there are 4 others are mounted on the top and side.

Turbocharged to be one of the strong booster for the kitchen runway to work optimally, and allows users to get top speed in a short time. Then equipped with 3 drivinng modes, which can be adjusted to the needs on the road, including: normal, ECO, and Sport. Where each - each has its own character, call it ECO, if the mode is activated, clearly fuel consumption feels more efficient than SPORT mode.

Being a new crossover from Hyundai makes it look stylish, modern, and definitely luxurious. Especially with the use of headlamp design and unique stop lamp, the total makes it really suitable for my friend who wants a different look than the others. It's just about the price of Hyundai Kona until now we have not known for sure, but the latest news revealed that the price of Hyundai Konda bandrol £ 18,000.

If we make Hyundai Kona price above into rupiah currency, it is in the range of Rp.300 millions. But Hyundai kona price is likely to be different when later entered into Indonesia, because we know together, the cost of administration and excise will make the price of an incoming goods become more expensive than the original price, which may occur at Hyundai Kona Price.

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