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IndiHome Gets 10 PRIA Awards 2023

IndiHome, a company that is part of PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk, through their Public Relations unit was selected as the Best PR Achievement 2022 at the PR Indonesia 2023 Public Relations Indonesia Awards (PRIA) organized by PR Indonesia.

There are nine awards after which the jury is entitled to an award. For this achievement, IndiHome also received the most prestigious platinum or PR award for organizing the best program in the BUMN category.

IndiHome won the best awards in five categories such as PR-Corporate PR Program through the 3C (Connections, Creativity, Charity) program, PR-Digital PR Program through JOIN (IndiHome Only) and PR Marketing Program PR Blog Competition 2022.

In addition, IndiHome also won the Digital Application Channel; Crisis and post-crisis management; Custom media video profiles. In the CSR community-based development program category, there are three IndiHome innovative programs that have received recognition, namely Limitless Esport Academy (LEAD), IndiHome Gideon Badminton Academy, and IndiHome Friends.

Telkom Marketing Director E. Kurniawan said he really appreciated PR Indonesia's award for PR Indihome activities. According to him, this is a matter of pride, because IndiHome itself pays enough attention to the communication aspect at IndiHome.

"Offering good service is not only about good products, but also must be accompanied by good communication," said E. Kurniawan.

IndiHome Media Engagement (IME) plays many important roles in providing two-way communication between IndiHome and external parties such as mainstream media, various communities and other relevant stakeholders to maintain IndiHome's reputation. The team is led by IME Director Widi Andika Hidayat Nugrahadi and consists of Syukron Ali, Puspa Thaariqoh, Muhammad Garuda Jaya, A. Ibnu and supervised by AVP Marketing Communication Afifudin.

The fact that communication is a strategic aspect for IndiHome can also be seen from the many programs that come from PR. Apart from conveying messages or mitigating crises, the IndiHome business can also grow with a good communication strategy. This can be seen from the contribution of IndiHome's digital marketing function, customer experience and event management department which have an impact on IndiHome's business.

"The 2023 PRIA Platinum Award is a great incentive to improve our performance," said E. Kurniawan.

In line with that, Asmono Wikan, Founder and CEO of PR Indonesia, congratulated IndiHome for winning the Platinum award at PRIA 2023. According to him, the award won by IndiHome was not only innovative, but also assessed by a strict jury.

"The highest award for IndiHome is because it managed to win the most awards in the categories contested at the 8th MEN event," said Asmono.

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