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Smartfren and Xingtera Collaborate Based on AIoT and 5G

Towards Indonesia Industry 4.0, Smartfren and Xingtera Collaborate Based on AIoT and 5G

Smartfren and Xingtera Inc. have just signed an interesting collaboration. Xingtera, which is a provider of Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) solutions from Uncle Sam's country, together with Smartfren, together they want to realize "Indonesia Industry 4.0". The collaboration procession, which took place in early March on the sidelines of Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona, is expected to have a positive impact on the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT-based devices for industries in the country.

Yuqing Niu, President and CEO of Xingtera Inc. said, “This collaboration will focus on introducing advanced technology and proven end-to-end 5G cloud-native system solutions. Our aim is to assist manufacturing companies in Indonesia in accelerating the realization of the promise of digital transformation, then at the same time playing a role in accelerating the path to realizing Indonesia 4.0.”

The agreement confirms Smartfren's commitment with Xingtera in supporting and developing solutions, artificial intelligence applications, autonomous manufacturing, and others. All of them are the latest solutions designed based on 5G technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and IoT to be implemented by Smartfren. It is hoped that the implementation of this solution will strengthen Smartfren's position, especially for the Smartfren Business unit, which has always consistently provided various industry 4.0 solutions for enterprises (enterprise) or micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

Furthermore, Smartfren and Xingterra, through Smartfren Business, will begin implementing the memorandum of understanding in a pilot project at a smart port managed by OKI Mills, part of APP Sinar Mas. Post project implementation, the memorandum of understanding also applies to increasing the scale of operational automation at the OKI Mills factory, as well as expanding it to other similar manufacturing locations.

Alim Gunadi, CEO of Smartfren Business said, "Our focus is on creating innovative technology in terms of automation by developing technology for companies and MSMEs. Through this collaboration, we want to explore new potentials in industrial technology, one of which is based on 5G technology. This project with OKI Mills is the first step in realizing an operational automation process that can improve the performance and productivity of a company or business."

Yuqing Niu added, “Xingtera, as a global AIoT solution provider, is very happy because this solution that has been tested in the field and our expertise can contribute to the revitalization of industry in Indonesia in realizing the target of Indonesia 4.0. We hope that this project in collaboration with Smartfren can be implemented soon.”

Smartfren and Cisco Sign Partnership Value Framework Collaboration

Smartfren and Cisco inaugurated the Partnership Value Framework (PVF), a collaborative initiative aimed at boosting efficiency through network modernization. Of course, this collaboration is in preparation for the 5G era.

This memorandum of understanding was signed during the Mobile World Congress series of events in Barcelona on March 1 2023, by Andrijanto Muljono, Chief Commercial Officer at Smartfren and Sanjay Kaul, President, Service Provider, Asia Pacific & Japan Cisco.

Network modernization is realized in the form of increasing the capacity of the existing network so that subscribers can enjoy a faster and more comfortable internet experience. In addition, this collaboration also includes the application of network automation to be implemented in network planning design. Overall, the 4G technology optimization carried out is a form of operational excellence from Smartfren.

Andrijanto Muljono, Chief Commercial Officer of Smartfren, explained that this collaboration can accelerate the optimization of the existing Smartfren network, including implementing network expansion plans in potential areas.

"In 2023, Smartfren plans to add at least 4,000 BTS in areas that have good business potential. We just inaugurated new BTS in Bojonegoro and Tuban, East Java last February, for the East Java area we are planning up to 1000 new BTS. This collaboration is very useful in our strategic plans, especially for fast and efficient roll-out and go-to-market processes.” Andri said.

Smartfren is also preparing an initial investment for 5G, through this partnership package a seamless hybrid cloud data center ICT ecosystem can be created that is integrated with fiber optic networks. Thus, the implementation of IOT (Internet-Of-Things) connectivity can be more effective and achieve efficient economies of scale. Smartfren sees this strategy as having excellent potential to serve enterprise and industrial customers.

Sanjay Kaul, President, Service Provider, Asia Pacific & Japan Cisco, said, "Through this partnership, greater efficiency will be achieved in network expansion and optimization. Overall, it can improve the quality of customer experience throughout the more reliable Smartfren network.

"Network modernization is the right investment in preparation for the adoption of 5G technology. Through partnerships, investment implementation can be done faster and create competitive advantages, growing together is the only choice.” said Sanjay.

Until now Smartfren serves 35.5 million customers, by operating more than 43,000 BTS throughout Indonesia in more than 285 district cities. All Smartfren BTS adopts 4G LTE Advanced technology to support a variety of customer digital needs, from the individual to the enterprise level.

Smartfren Business Collaboration with Aruba Gives Birth to SMARTCONNECT

Smartfren Business signs a partnership with Aruba, a business unit of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE: HPE). gave birth to a new telecommunications solution called SMARTCONNECT. SMARTCONNECT is an all-in-one managed service that delivers connectivity along with SD-WAN and Wi-Fi managed using Aruba's advanced security system.

SMARTCONNECT is expected to become a one-stop-solution for enterprises and MSMEs in Indonesia. This solution will offer simple, fast, and secure enterprise connectivity. Customers can feel the reliability of the latest generation of Wi-Fi, namely Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E, which work using the 6 GHz frequency band.

Of course, the connectivity speed is also equipped with the latest protection, namely WPA3 for wireless network protection from external attacks with the SAE (Simultaneous Authentication of Equals) security protocol.

More than that, SMARTCONNECT presents the latest network service in the form of Aruba EdgeConnect Enterprise. With Aruba EdgeConnect Enterprise, businesses can manage all types of WAN networks such as broadband, MPLS, and LTE centrally through an on-demand cloud platform.

Alim Gunadi, as CEO of Smartfren Business, explained that this solution is intended for various types of enterprise sectors, including factories, hotels, the financial services industry, retail, to government institutions and also education.

“SMARTCONNECT is supported by Aruba EdgeConnect Enterprise and is handled by the Smartfren Business network operations center which is managed 24/7 by reliable and certified technicians. I am sure that SMARTCONNECT services will help your respected company modernize its network services and achieve digital transformation.” said Alim.

Meanwhile, Robert Suryakusuma, as the Country Manager of Aruba Indonesia said, "We are pleased to be working with Smartfren Business in launching SMARTCONNECT to transform the network of digital enterprises in Indonesia. With a hybrid working system at the center of today's digital economy, a one-stop solution supported by Aruba's leading network solutions will provide enterprises with the ability to effectively scale their business operations and produce a seamless digital experience for their customers."

As a one-stop solution provider, Smartfren Business does not only present the advantages of the latest technology, but also emphasizes the experience of its users through managed services that are offered as part of its overall proposition. The main features offered by SMARTCONNECT are:

  1. Access points, switches, gateways
  2. SD-WAN and SASE endpoints
  3. RF Wi-Fi planning and heatmap
  4. Network design and consultation.
  5. Network operations (among other things replacement and configuration management, network optimization, SLA provision and management, device management, performance analysis and reports, installation and support in the field.

The entire solution is designed based on a service model, without the need for capex investment which can further provide security for Smartfren's customers from technology obsolescence and also simplify the company's cash flow.

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