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Prepares New Devices Successor of OPPO A74 5G

OPPO Prepares New Devices

Welcoming the month of Ramadan 2023, OPPO will prepare several new devices to win back its market share. In fact, OPPO has prepared new devices that have been present before, such as the OPPO Pad Air and the Reno8 T Series. The preparations made were mainly related to stock, where previously, especially on the OPPO Pad Air and the Sunset Orange Reno8 T device, consumers had been hunted down right after the initial sale.

Behind the preparation of pre-existing devices, OPPO Indonesia is also preparing several new devices this Ramadan. One of them is a device that has been officially registered on both government websites, Postel certification and the Ministry of Industry's P3DN. The device is registered with the code CPH 2483. On the Ministry of Industry's P3DN website, the device is listed as having a local content value of 35.79% and having an NR FR1 frequency, which means it will be equipped with a 5G network with Frequency Range 1 (FR1) which is below 7.125 Ghz.

Successor of OPPO A74 5G

It is estimated that this device will be the successor to OPPO's previous popular 5G device, the A74 5G. This device will later become OPPO's affordable 5G device, if you look at the price of the previous A74 5G device there is a possibility that this device will be sold in a price range that is not much different. Unfortunately, not much is known about one more device that will be launched soon for detailed information.

Consumer needs are expected to tend to increase, especially the use of smartphones during the month of Ramadan, this is the basis for OPPO to present two new devices that will come with a much fresher appearance and sufficient performance to answer all the needs of Indonesian consumers, especially for carrying out various daily activities in month of Ramadan.

OPPO eXperience Store concept

Indonesia, which has a very large area with a very high population, of course has a lot of potential in it. One of them is the digital potential in young children. Well, Malang is a city that has the potential for young people with high creativity, as well as digital potential. Moreover, the Provincial Government of East Java agreed to make Malang City a digital locomotive, because the development of information technology is very developed when compared to other regions in Indonesia. This is what underlies OPPO Indonesia to contribute, especially in providing products with the latest technology through retail innovation in the city of Malang through the OPPO eXperience Store.

OPPO Indonesia Chief Marketing Officer Patrick Owen said, "OPPO realizes that providing innovation in products and retail is the right step to support the people of Malang in encouraging the development of the city as a digital locomotive. For this reason, we present the newest OPPO eXperience Store in Malang which can be used by young people in Malang to get to know various kinds of smartphone technology innovations which can then be explored for the benefits of developing the city of Malang. The presence of the latest OPPO eXperience Store will bring us closer to more consumers so that they can easily reach OPPO products."

OPPO Indonesia Brand Ambassador, Morgan Oey said, "The presence of the OPPO eXperience Store makes it very easy to find out about the details of OPPO products. With a variety of experiences to try various products such as smartphones to IoT devices, it can inspire young people to do more with these various devices. As an OPPO user, I also find it very easy to reach a variety of the latest innovative products presented by OPPO."

OPPO eXperience Store is a retail innovation with a new concept offered for Malang consumers. Prioritizing the completeness of devices as well as convenience for the export of OPPO products and technology innovations, it is hoped that the OPPO eXperience Store can inspire young people in Malang to do more, especially in city development. In line with the slogan "Inspiration Ahead", OPPO aims to inspire anyone to be able to do more with its various products, especially to help humanity.

"OPPO eXperience Store is presented not only to increase sales value in the city of Malang. This store innovation concept comes because of OPPO's will for every consumer who comes to be able to bring the best experience, be inspired and even later be able to produce various new innovations with technology on OPPO devices to develop this creative city, "concluded Patrick.

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