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Know What is WBSPro And Download

For those of you online store owners, the existence of WhatsApp is of course very important. With WhatsApp, potential buyers can communicate directly with you or the CS team that you have. Whether it's just asking questions or if it's suitable, the transaction can immediately occur on WhatsApp.

Unfortunately, even though it can be used as a sales channel, WhatsApp still has drawbacks, especially when adjusted in the context of an online store. The drawback is that all of the built-in features on WhatsApp have to be run manually.

When there is an incoming chat, you have to reply one by one. When a potential buyer does not immediately make a transaction, you also have to follow up manually and one by one. Even when you want to send broadcasts or blasts on WhatsApp, you are limited to only 256 recipients. Very time-consuming, especially for those of you whose orders are starting to get a bit crowded.

But now you don't need to do all of the above manually anymore. Because now there is a tool or software that will help you send broadcasts or blasts on WhatsApp very easily. Apart from that, with this application you can also follow up en masse and automatically from every order that enters your CS online store.

The name of this tool is WA Bulk Sender Pro or what can be called WBS Pro.

WBS Pro can be the best solution for those of you who are or will be running an online business by utilizing WhatsApp marketing tools in carrying out promotions or following up on potential customers. At Wbspro, there are many of the best whatsapp marketing services available to support the success of business actors so that they can significantly increase sales turnover. If there is something easier and completely automatic, what are you waiting for!

What is WBSPro?

WBSPro is the most stable and updated WA blast application in Indonesia currently made by KlikDigital. Serves to send WhatsApp messages in bulk, automatically and quickly.

In addition, with WBSPro you can automatically follow up on potential buyers who have not transferred. Everything can be reached only through your computer without having to contact them one by one.

Why You Should Use the WBSPro app?

In online selling, the most difficult process and require extra resources are promotion and follow-up.

For promotion you at least need to spend money to advertise. Meanwhile, if you use the organic method, the resource that takes up the most is time.

As for your follow-up, the confiscated resources are, of course, humans. You must prepare a team that specifically does follow-up of every incoming order.

Therefore, to make promotions and follow ups still running even with very limited resources, you must use this WBSPro application.

At least there are several reasons that might be taken into consideration for you before using this application.

  1. Reasonable and affordable prices. You can get this WBSPro application by only paying Rp. 1,194,000 Rp.717,000 for the first year. Meanwhile, if you want to extend your subscription to this application, you will be charged a 2nd Year Extension fee etc. of Rp. 299,000.
  2. Multi-platform. You can run this application on a desktop with Windows and MacOS operating systems. If you have a device with one of these operating systems, then this application can run smoothly.
  3. Mostly used by online shop owners. Currently, more than 7,000 people are using the WBSPro application. Starting from housewives to women such as Agan Khalid, Dewa Eka Prayoga, Christina Lie, Suryadin Laodang, and many others.
  4. Very easy to use. You can see for yourself how easy it is to use WBSPro.

What are the features of WBSPro?

There are many best features in the WBSPro application, which include:

Multiple Whatsapp Accounts

You can use a different WhatsApp number for each process you do. For example, to broadcast or WA Blast you use an Indosat number. Meanwhile, for follow-up you use a Telkomsel number. This can be done in WBSPro.

Export & Import List

You can Import & Export every WhatsApp contact you have in TXT or CSV format.

Sending All File Types

This is one of the cool features owned by WBSPro. With this feature you can send files in the form of text, images, videos and even documents (txt, doc, excell, pdf, etc.).

Dynamic Personalization

The most wanted feature, with this feature you can send messages personally according to the data you have, such as Order Date, No. Invoice, Nominal, Full Name, Address Etc. So even if sent in bulk, the recipient of your message will feel personally chatted.

Scrape WA Number From Google Maps

If your business is a service or product with the target market being local businesses around you, with this feature, you can search for Business Name Data & Whatsapp Numbers registered on Google Maps. Very practical and directly targeted.

Active WA Number Filter

Although in WBSPro there is a feature to generate WA numbers automatically, with this feature you can verify the generated contact numbers. Valid ones will be retained, while invalid or inactive ones you can delete.

Support Multi Message & Spintext

In order not to be read as spam, this feature is there. The goal is that you can set the format and send messages randomly.

Delivery Result Report

In WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Personal there is no report feature. But in WBSPro, With this feature you will get a report on the results of sending messages, about the failed and successful delivery.

Scrape Mobile Number On OLX Website

OLX is one of the product listings that is quite crowded, you can search for the targeted Whatsapp number there.

Best Service from WBS Pro

WBS Pro itself is a platform that will make it easier for business promotions via WhatsApp to quickly get lots of buyers and abundant turnover every day. This is due to the availability of many features which are always updated regularly, here are some of them:

The Auto Replay feature will make it easier to answer automatically according to the settings given.

Random sender's WA account, this feature can make it easier for users to send random messages to multiple WhatsApp accounts.

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