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How to Earn Money from Snack Videos 10$ Daily

How to Earn Money from Snack Videos. Snack Video is now one of the preferred video social platforms among smartphone users. Not only providing entertainment content, you can also get a lot of viral news and information in the form of video posts.

Apart from getting entertainment, you can also earn money just by playing this application. There are many ways that you may not know how to get money from this one application.

By reading this review to the end, you can get some tutorial recommendations on how to get money from Snack Video. Make sure you listen to this review to the end so you don't miss some tips on making profits just by playing the application.

6 Easy Ways to Get Money from Snack Video Apk

In this review, we share 6 ways to get money from Snack Video. Of course, you can do some of these methods without capital and for free.

1. Bonus for New Users

Good news for Snack Video users, especially for new users, you can benefit from new user missions. This mission is given to users who have just registered with a total prize of up to millions.

You can click "REGISTER" to process the download of the Money-Making Snack Video Apk.

This new user task will appear in the first seven days after the user registers. You can tap on the floating mission icon that appears on your app screen to complete the mission.

Some of the missions available include inviting friends, watching videos and daily login missions. So, make sure you don't miss any tasks given to be able to get big profits in the first seven days after registering.

Then, when it has been converted from coins to rupiah, you can withdraw the money through a digital wallet. So this can be a recommendation on how to get money from Snack Video that you can do.

2. Join the Creator Rewards Program

Apart from completing the main missions on the task menu, you can also have the opportunity to get big profits by joining the Creator Rewards program. This program is intended for users who have joined as video creators officially.

There are several requirements that you need to meet in order to be registered with the Creator Rewards program from Snack Video. A creator must be over 18 years of age and have a personal bank account. In Indonesia, you can use DANA.

In order to join this program, you can follow the following steps.

  • First, you can open this REGISTER link, then install the Snack Video application on your smartphone.
  • Second, take the first step for the new user's mission.
  • Third, click on the Creator Rewards menu section then select Create Now to join the creator program.
  • Select the video that you will upload or you can edit it directly in the application
  • Add effects and music if needed on the editing menu
  • Before you upload, videos can be edited by giving effects, music, and more.
  • If it is sufficient, continue by clicking Next to save the content.
  • Select Publish or Post to share the video content.

By joining as a video creator, you can have the opportunity to get big profits. So, make sure you upload unique video content to increase the number of views and followers.

3. Utilize the Snack Video Referral System

The next way to make money from this application is to invite as many friends as possible. This mission is available to all users of the Snack Video application whether new users or old users.

Because Snack Video provides coin rewards of up to 720k for users who can complete this mission. Of course, this is good news and could be a way to get money from the next Snack Video.

So far, not a few users have made withdrawals to digital accounts or balances. This method can also be a recommendation for those of you who want to benefit in a short time just by playing on a smartphone.

4. Watch Videos

The next way to get money from Snack Videos is to make money from Snack Videos, namely watching videos that have been uploaded from Content Creators. Even if you just watch, you can also get abundant reward coins.

So, if you are a viewer or video connoisseur at Snack Video, you can do some of these things. You will get rewards when you click the like, share and follow buttons at least 2 accounts every day.

For example, if you watch diligently every day and especially if you become a Content Creator, you will make money faster. Do it continuously because effort does not betray results.

5. Daily Checkin and Login

Apart from going through the several Ways to Get Money from Snack Videos above, you can also benefit by logging in to the application regularly. Through the Daily Logins mission, you can claim coin prizes which will continue to increase every day.

If you diligently open the Snack Video application every day, you will get lots of coins and rewards. With an increase in coins that can be obtained every day, you can make withdrawals to credit, digital balance and other withdrawal methods.

6. Share Video Content

The next way to get money from Snack Video is to share video content. So far, not a few application users have proven the benefits of being a creator.

But this time, you can also complete video share missions with coin prizes. You can complete this method easily, because you can share videos via various types of social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and others.

The more video content you share, the more benefits you can get from this task.

How to Withdraw Money on Snack Video

Arriving at the next discussion after you get a lot of coins collected and want to exchange them for money. We will explain several ways to withdraw coins from the Snack Video application, namely through OVO, Gopay, Funds, and ShopeePay.

There is also a common way to get money from Snack Video which is commonly used by many users to withdraw money from Snack Video, namely:

  • Start by opening the Snack Video app on your phone.
  • Open the bonus page to enter the redemption menu.
  • Select Cash to exchange app coins.
  • Adjust the number of coins to be exchanged based on the options provided.
  • Adjust the desired withdrawal method, starting from credit, ShopeePay, OVO, Funds or a bank account.
  • Enter the account number based on the selected withdrawal method.
  • The balance will be sent immediately up to 3×24 working hours.

Coming to the end of the discussion and there are some ways to earn money from Snack Video.

If you diligently pursue what has been discussed above, you will get a lot of money. Hopefully this is useful for those of you who want to get additional income easily and casually.

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