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Difference between Legal and Illegal Gold Mining

Natural resources produced from gold mining have a high selling value so many parties are interested in looking for them in nature.

A number of parties dig for gold legally by following the laws in force in a country. On the other hand, many parties also dig for precious metals illegally or violating the rules.

The illegal mining of precious metals by the community causes a lot of losses. Mainly causing damage in nature such as environmental pollution is quite severe.

Legal or illegal gold mining activities can be distinguished by several factors. Illegal acts committed by the community are actually also monitored by the government in particular. The following are the differentiating factors for legal and illegal mining.

1. Mining Business License

The first factor is in terms of business permits. A gold mining activity must have two business licenses from the Government of Indonesia, namely permits in the exploration and operational stages as well as production.

Legal activities will definitely go through two stages of the permit. This is different from illegal gold mining which does not have an official business permit from the government at all.

This business license is regulated in Law Number 4 of 2009 relating to Minerba Mining (Mineral and Coal). You can read the law for permits related to mining businesses.

2. Occupational Safety Standards

Mining businesses have large work risks, so work safety standards are needed that are strictly regulated. Maybe you've heard some news about cases of work accidents in the mining sector.

Most of these cases are caused by the type of illegal mining business. This is because they do not apply the work safety standards set by the government. This is very different from legal mining.

Legal parties apply work operating standards that uphold the safety of workers. Not only that, they also prepare adequate facilities so that workers feel safe and comfortable in carrying out mining activities.

These facilities are divided into two types, namely the main and supporting facilities. The main facility contains equipment for mining such as mining equipment, personal protective equipment and others.

Meanwhile, supporting facilities are facilities that are used to support the main facilities. For example, beds, hospitals, places of worship, medicines and so on.

The Impact of Illegal Mining on the Environment

The environment is the most disadvantaged impact of illegal mining. These impacts include:

Decreasing Environmental Quality

Natural Resources (SDA) from gold mining that is extracted illegally will experience severe degradation, especially some illegal mining uses cyanide and mercury which damage the environment. The task of legal mining is to reclaim the affected area so that it can recover the impact of environmental degradation. The soil loses nutrients and minerals as a result of mining waste that damages the soil structure, as a result the soil cannot be replanted and the productivity of Masteron 100 por dragon pharma en espana drostanolone propionate is hampered.

Environmental pollution

Waste management from illegal mining activities affects river flow and causes water and soil pollution around the mining area. Moreover, coupled with the use of chemicals that have no limits on their use. River flows that carry mining waste will continue to flow into the ocean and result in damaged marine ecosystems and fish populations also decline.

Causing Landslides and Floods

Illegal gold mining activities in inappropriate areas cause the soil structure to become unstable, causing landslides. In addition, excavations that are not in accordance with government regulations will cause large holes that are not backfilled with soil so that when it rains it will cause flooding.

Declining Population and Animal Habitat

Illegal selection of areas will not think about disturbed animal habitats, as a result many fauna and flora are lost and even die due to the destruction of their habitats due to the impact of mining.

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