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How To Download Shutterstock Videos Without Watermark

The first thing we do is pay it. We Must buy them. Then we can download Shutterstock Videos - the footages - without the watermark on Shutterstock. Even documentary films that cost $1m or more per episode have to put up with watermarked clips in the offline edit.

Admittedly I often wish the reputable companies could download clips without watermarks. They really ruin the flow of a film. But it would be a blatant case of double standards if the large companies could just download the clean clips and the smaller film makers could not.

I think there is an argument for encouraging the footage clip libraries to provide the clips with more discreate watermarks. I reckon there's an affect whereby the clips that are not ruined by an intrusive watermark are more likely to survive to the final edit. Some companies are so ignorant of the processes that actual films go through.

So you have my sympathy. But until there's some invisible system of flagging when a clip is used and a payment is due, we must endure watermarks and eventually get our credit card out. By paying for them. If you don’t, having removed the watermark isn’t going to help when you get sued—it’ll just add to the indictment.

I realize that may be less helpful than you were looking for, so here’s some help. Some stock images are available elsewhere on the net without watermark, and any good image search can help find them. They likely will appear without reference to license, but if you aren’t using them for commercial purposes and otherwise feel you are safe from prosecution, that’s the way to get them.

Removing a watermark, in most cases, is more trouble than just creating your own original work.

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