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Keeping and Weskini Applications made in Tegal

The increase in digital transactions and the use of electronic money has encouraged technology-based companies to compete in providing digital wallet services, one of which is a startup company from Tegal Regency, PT Teguh Aman Lestari. The company, which has an office on the first floor of Trasa Coworking Space (TrackingSpace), introduces the Keeping application.

CEO of PT Teguh Aman Lestari, Muhammad Sahid Ramadhan when met at TrackingSpace, Sunday (19/02/2023) said that this online digital financial transaction and payment platform was the result of his collaboration with PT Kasyr Sibernetika Indonesia as a developer of internet-based application technology.

In addition to facilitating financial transactions, including "UMKM" actors who are members of the Bangkit UMKM marketplace platform, using the Keeping digital wallet can prevent counterfeit money from entering. This pilot application is part of his commitment to advancing the digital ecosystem in Tegal Regency, supporting the Tegal Go Digital UMKM program.

"With one hand, everything is easier, especially since this digital wallet has been integrated with the Bangkit UMKM marketplace to support the payment system," said the man who is familiarly called Rama.

The features of this application include transfers to banks, transfers to fellow Keepers, cash withdrawals, loans, payments via QRIS, purchasing data packages, purchasing credit, paying BPJS bills, electricity bills, PDAM bills, PBB bills, and top up games.

In addition to providing mutations or outgoing balance transaction history, the digital wallet with the hashtag #CepatNoRibet has an electronic lending feature for UMKM or the general public with collateral-free loans that have been registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

"We can help borrow money through the "Keeping Paylater" feature with a limit of Rp. 15 million and a general credit feature with a limit of up to Rp. 300 million," he said.

Related to that, his party also hopes that through the development of financial technology it can bring Tegal to go international, educate UMKM to be digitally literate and support local governments in empowering UMKM. Moreover, the Keeping application will be integrated with block chain technology or blockchain.

In line with Rama, CEO of PT Kasyr Sibernetika Indonesia, Edi Kurniawan said that his party is optimistic about bringing Keeping to go international because it already has listings in various countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand and China.

“We released this digital wallet in mid-December 2022 on the Google Play Store. Our closest target is that Tegal Regency can go national. In the long term, God willing, it can go international by using blockchain technology to facilitate transactions abroad," said Edi.

Asked about the confidentiality and security of personal data, Edi added that this has become a priority for his company in fulfilling the provisions according to Law Number 27 of 2022 concerning Personal Data Protection. This application also has an internationally recognized security standard through ISO 27001 certification or Information Security Management System (ISMS).

"Keeping was developed and created to meet the needs of merchants and customers for cashless transactions," he added.

Not only that, the Keeping digital wallet can also be used by Indonesian citizens abroad to make financial transfers at a more affordable administrative fee. This is because Keeping will automatically adjust the administration fees applicable in the destination country and will not use Bank Indonesia standardization for overseas transactions, which can be more expensive.

Apart from the Keeping Application, the TrackingSpace Community has also created the Tegal Garbage Education Warung Application which has been involved in environmental concern since 2020 and is now starting to develop a digital waste bank breakthrough through the Weskini application.

The Weskini waste bank application is an application to provide education in sorting waste. This was disclosed by the CEO of PT. Weskini Trias Setiaji in the Taman Rakyat Slawi Co-Working Space complex.

"Through this application, it is very easy for people to sell recycled waste, we will come to the house or location that asks for it," said Trias.

According to Trias, all prices for inorganic waste are displayed in the application features, compared to conventional waste banks, the price of waste is determined by collectors at whatever price they like.

"With this application, people can also arrange the pick-up time for segregated recycling waste," he said.

The development of the garbage bank digital application started with the many complaints from the waste bank actors in the villages that it didn't take long to run because it had accumulated for a long time and there was no more enthusiasm from the person in charge of the waste bank in the village.

"With this application, people don't have to bother and it's very easy to just press pick up, we will come," he said.

Still according to Trias, as an application development, his party also cooperates with the local product Keeping as a digital wallet for payment of waste.

When confirmed, Rama Sahid as Director of PT Teguh Aman Lestari said that Keping and Weskini were both born in Tegal and over time they wanted to work together in building a digital ecosystem in Tegal.

"Waste that has no value can now become valuable especially by using digital, this is really for education," said Rama.

According to Rama, Weskini has enormous potential. There are many UMKM actors and they are equally concerned about UMKM actors, there is a lot of recyclable waste that can be sold to Weskini.

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