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50 Most Useful Resources for Photographer

50 most useful resources for a photographer 📷

1. Digicam. ru - Digital Camera Magazine. Interesting articles, news and events from the world of photography
2. Photo-monster. ru - professional photography tips.
3. Focused. ru - daily articles on a wide variety of topics for photographers.
4. Phasesmag. com - for inspiration: a magazine of projects of very interesting photographers from different countries.
5. - tips for equipment, shooting, processing.
6. Photographer. ru/cult - articles on theory and practice, as well as inspirational interviews.
7. Photomotion. ru/blog/photography - inspirational tips
8. Photoshelter. com is one of the most popular online portfolio building platforms.
9. Rosphoto. com/photo-lessons - photography lessons by category
10. Photoindustria. ru - photography lessons, photo processing, photo retouching
11. Prophotos. ru/lessons - photography lessons
12. Techradar. com/digitalcameraworld - photography tips.
13. Viewbug. com/photo-contests - weekly photo contests led by world famous photographers and brands.
14. Morguefile. com/classroom - 10 lessons on photography from freelance photographer Jodie Coston.
15. Nationalgeographic. com/photography - Known for its amazing wildlife shots, great for inspiration.
16. Photo. net/learn - a section with lessons on the categories of one of the largest photo resources in English.
17. Photomanual. ru - available about photography.
18. Knigipofoto. ru - Library of books on photography.
19. Helpx.adobe. com/en/photoshop - Photoshop tutorials from Adobe.
20. Photoshop-virtuoz. ru - Photoshop lessons and everything about it.
21. Travel-photo-sharing. com - an online gallery for storing photographs, also focused on sorting photos by location.
22. - a huge multidisciplinary community, within which photographs have a large section with many subcategories.
23. Fotki. com - an affordable and easy resource, competitions are regularly held.
24. Smugmug. com - focused on the beauty of the presentation of photos and provides two weeks of free use.
25. Exposure. co is a great resource to tell your photo story.
26. Flickr. com - a resource for posting and storing photos, you can join in groups to exchange views on forums.
27. Earthshots. org/enter - is looking for pictures showing the beauty and diversity of our planet.
28. Bbc. com/news/world-10768282 - Each week, BBC experts offer themes for photos, the best of which are published on Thursdays on the In Pictures page.
29. Fotokto. ru/photo/critic - I want to criticize the section on Fotokto.
30. Mpro. - work of professional photographers of the Magnum agency.
31. Rps. org/main-gallery is a community of British photographers.
32. Greatphotojournalism. com is a community of professional photojournalists.
33. FotoTips. ru - one of the most popular blogs about photography in RuNet. Here you will find interesting lessons and articles on photography and photo processing.
34. 360gu. ru - a blog dedicated to spherical panoramas
35. landscapists. info - short interviews with landscape painters and animalists.
36. iconicphotos. ru - a project dedicated to the stories of specific photos.
37. Bigpicture. ru - news in photos
38. Photoscape. ru - the blog has not been updated for more than a year, but in the archive of the site you can find a lot of useful articles.
39. Fashionbank. ru - a large bank of fashion models
40. Photographer. ru - magazine about photography: events, articles and notes by columnists
41. Photokaravan. com - the large photo community: news, articles and reviews of photographic equipment
42. 2photo. ru - daily interesting collections of photos and portfolio of photographers
43. Photo-element. ru - a huge archive of articles and lessons on photography
44. Microstock. ru - site about working with microstock photobanks
45. Fotonovosti. ru - news from the world of photography
46. ​​Prophotos. ru - the portal about photography: news, articles, the history of photography and the portfolio of photographers
47. Photoawards. ru - website of photo contests
48. Lens-club. ru - a large catalog of lenses of all types and manufacturers
49. Filmscan. ru - articles about film scanning
50. Monolens. ru - site dedicated to monocle for cameras

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