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Coat of Garuda Made from Thousands of Lego

This year, Indonesia commemorates its 72nd independence. Welcoming that historic day, LEGO? brand creative and educational toys that invite children of the nation to enliven the celebration of Independence Day.

That is by sharpening creativity and imagination through pieces of bricks to illustrate Indonesia's unique diversity through the #BuildingArchipeLEGO campaign. The campaign festivity of #BuiidingArchipeLEGO was held at Kidz Station toy outlets in Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya as well as Kota Kasablanka Mall, Jakarta from July 22 to August 20, 2017 marked by unveiling LEGO SD Mozaik Bird Garuda Pancasila compiled from 3,500 pieces of bricks.

'' The symbol of Garuda Pancasila consists of 3500 pieces of bricks, done by two people for seven days, '' said Rizka Sucianty Gunawan, Trade Marketing Lego in Indonesia.

Rizka added that the spirit of togetherness and excitement typical of Indonesia that makes it to participate enliven the celebration of the 72nd Independence Day of Indonesia with the campaign #BuildingArchipeLEGO, invites children and adults to hone creativity, creative with imagination with pieces bricks describe the diversity typical of Indonesia, which is not is in another country.

'' Lego is an educational toy that supports creativity and imagination development created with the mission of Build The Builders for Tomorrow-Building a Future Designer Generation, "he said.

Pieces of bricks, mentioned, are designed not only to stimulate the development of children according to the stage of growth but Lego also very challenging creativity and imagination of all ages both adolescents and adults.

Clinical Psychologist Liza Marielly Djaprie Mpsi CH confirmed this. '' Creative play activities with bricks to develop the imagination and creativity of children and hone the potential of children as future designers of any future profession, '' he added.

Playing make up bricks since childhood support the growth stage of children such as fine motor skills, holding, composing, releasing bricks, cognitive skills recognize colors, shapes, textures, dimensions from an early age.

Children also develop role-playing skills (roleplay) and storytelling (story telling). Even children with special needs and psychological assessment of children can also be done with bricks.

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