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Sense Of Wuling Confero S

Finally Wuling introduced his first car in Indonesia, namely "Confero S". This car will play in the MPV segment and challenge the famous cars from Japan, such as Toyota Avanza, Daihatsu Xenia, Honda Mobilio, etc .. To challenge the car from Japan is certainly not an easy matter. Because the people of Indonesia will see the eyes of cars from China that we are often considered less qualified than Japanese cars.

But Wuling made a difference by presenting Wuling Confero S which has a myriad of excellent features that are ready to beat the Japanese car. The quality of this car is also very good, so do not take for granted this car from China. Especially in it installed a large-capacity engine that is guaranteed to power. Well to know the capacity of this car engine, please review the automotive review specifications and prices Wuling Confero S which we summarized below.
We start the discussion of Wuling Confero S specifications in terms of exterior. This car has a bongsor design with a length dimension of 4530 mm, width 1,691 mm, and a height of 1730 mm. The shape looks larger than the Avanza or Xenia, so it has more spacious cabin space to accommodate seven to eight passengers. In it also installed a variety of advanced features that will improve the comfort of Confero driver and reservoir.

One of its flagship features is a head unit that uses a touch screen measuring 8 inches. The screen is used as an entertainment center and integrated in the mirror link features and steering switch control. In addition, there are also features smart key and headlamp Leveling. More crazy again, we will see a power outlet for USB on every row of this car seat. Where has been available three rows of seats that can accommodate seven to eight feeders.

Interior space also looks luxurious and not seem cheap. Though the price of Wuling Confero S classified as cheap and can compete against Low MPV class. Then for the lighting, this car has been equipped with a headlamp projector LED features DRL and Foglamp. As for the rear lights are already using LED technology. Overall feature on the interior and extrior is indeed able to match the Avanza and Xenia, then what about the engine?

Wuling Confero S equipped with C-VVT 4 Cylinder engine with a capacity of 1.485cc capable of issuing power of 107 Horsepower at 5,800 rpm. As for torque through 142 Nm at 4,400 rpm. Unfortunately for now only available one transmission variant, the manul 5 acceleration. But did not close the possibility will be available automatic or matic variants are automatically priced more expensive than the price of Wuling Confero S manual variants.

Performance of the engine can compare Low MPV class, so automotive buddies do not have to doubt the performance of this car. Moreover Wuling equip with ABS braking system (anti-lock braking system) and EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution) which is ready to stop the vehicle speed safely. The ABS feature is able to reduce the risk of skid tires when the brakes suddenly. Not only that, this car also features Dual SRS Airbag to maintain the safety of the driver.

Reportedly Wuling Confero S wearing a rear-wheel drive system or RWD that makes it more perfect. More great again, this car also features disc brakes on the four wheels wrapped sporty alloy wheels. Then there is also a reverse camera feature and parking sensor 4 points on the back and 2 dots in front. In addition, Wuling also equip it with Auto Lock Collision feature, Auto Door Lock By Speed, and ISOFIX chair.

Indonesian people do need cheap cars with full features. Understand that, Wuling has equipped Confero S with features and class specifications that we often encounter in luxury cars priced over 200 Million Rupiah. The performance of the engine is also not disappointing, so it can be relied upon as a daily car used daily activities.

The price of Wuling Confero S is quite affordable and supported interior space of relief and various advanced features in it make this car is perfect as a family car. According to us Confero S can be one of the best alternatives other than Toyota Avanza, Daihatsu Xenia, and Honda Mobilio which is probably priced more expensive than the price of Wuling Confero S. Well for my friend who is curious to know the price, please refer to the reviews below.

Reportedly this car will go on sale in the third quarter of 2017. There is no official information about the price of Wuling Confero S. But reportedly this car will be marketed at a price range of 150 Millions. Did not close the possibility of more expensive, because this car has been equipped with a myriad of advanced features that make it able to compete against the Toyota Avanza, Daihatsu Xenia, and various LOW class MPV cars are priced under 200 Million rupiah.

We ourselves do not like the design of Wuling Confero S. For my friend who is looking for a family car that is safe and comfortable may not be too mekirkan about design. Moreover, this car offers features a very complete and diverse advanced technology that can match the Japanese car. Let's together see the response of Indonesian people to this car from China, and hopefully the people of Indonesia welcomed the positive presence of Confero S. Then what about my automotive buddy, is my friend interested to buy it? "Greetings Automotive"

Test Drive Wuling Confero S

Wuling Motors held a Confero S test drive at the Jakarta Fair Kemayoran (JFK) 2017 exhibition.

Wuling participated in enliven the event held concurrently with the anniversary of this capital city of Jakarta. Not just sekedara enliven, the Chinese car manufacturer offers promotional programs during the exhibition.

Wuling's participation in JFK 2017 brings a new driving experience for the family. Excess Confero S is on display in the vehicle cabin, leg room and spacious headroom. In addition, some other features are also designed to provide comfort like home.

To feel the driving comfort, Wuling held a test drive Confero S in front of JFK 2017 main stage every weekend starting June 17 last week. For visitors who want to try it can register at Wuling booth located in Hall B, JIExpo Kemayoran.

"Since our debut at GIIAS 2016, we are committed to continuously paying attention to customer needs for family cars, so we are featuring Confero S produced in the country. Family is a very important culture in Indonesia, therefore we want to bring the culture through our products. Once inside the car, you will feel comfortable like home because Wuling car is able to bring the whole family while traveling together. "Said Wuling Motors Vice President of Vehicle Sales, Service and Marketing (VSSM) Cindy Cai.

The excitement after visiting the Wuling booth and riding Confero S, was seen through the expressions and testimonials that visitors provided during the event. After trying Wuling, customers are now curious about the official selling price for all Wuling car variants.

Until now, Wuling salespeople only provide indicative or approximate prices for Confero S. These numbers make visitors more enthusiastic because they know that the Confero S price is commensurate with the features and comfort they get.

Previously had outstanding price that is marketed to Wuling Confero S through one of the financing institutions. The first product from China's MPV is priced from Rp 130 - 165 million during the exhibition.

During the fair exhibition with a sign of Rp 5 million, the consumer can place a pre-book, and be included in the draw with 3 main prizes of Wuling cars. In addition, visitors can also win weekly prizes in the form of smartphones and action cameras by following the photo competition at the Wuling booth.

Wuling already provide an approximate price for their MPV products, Confero S. Banderol prices provided ranging from Rp 130 million to Rp 165 million. For consumers who want to buy a car will certainly see the price tag given. In addition to new cars, also available in the models of used cars on the market.

"For the range of Rp 130 million to Rp 160 million, not only MPV models are available. Model city car and hatchback there, "said Ari from Sun Motor MGK Kemayoran when met some time ago.
From the list, MPV Toyota Avanza and Daihatsu Xenia are on the top list. Including Suzuki Ertiga and Nissan Grand Livina which cost Rp 150 million for the production year 2013.

For hatchback models, potential customers can choose Honda Jazz RS in 2010 or Nissan March with 1,500 cc engine and Toyota Yaris in 2012. This model is priced at Rp 135 million to Rp 140 million.
"There are also LCGC Calya and Sigra models. Banderolnya about Rp 140 million depending on the condition of the car. Only the price is still a little bit the same new price, "said Ari. Other offers also come from sedan models. Model Honda City in 2010 can be brought home. Large MPVs such as Toyota Innova and Nissan Serena in 2012 could also be an option.

"Approximately Rp 150 million is a lot of choices. Stay what car and what year is there, "said Jayadi from Target Auto Car MGK Kemayoran. Wuling Confero S itself newly officially launched in August. During the Jakarta Fair 2017 exhibition, Wuling opened the reservation with a down payment of Rp 5 million.

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