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RI Electric Car Can Compete in Market

ESDM Minister Ignatius Jonan stated that electric cars can be sold at competitive prices and compete with conventional oil-fueled cars if given tax incentives.

With rules like now, the price of electric cars will be more expensive than conventional cars, of course people are reluctant to buy it. For this reason, the government is preparing new rules to provide tax breaks on electric cars.

"If the electric car is like Tesla, entering Indonesia with the same fiscal policy as it is now cost Rp 2 billion, yes no baseball is buying .This is what we are trying to discuss," said Jonan when found in a congregation, In between GE event: Powering Indonesia at Hotel Mulia, Jakarta, Wednesday (7/19/2017).

According to Jonan, electric cars deserve a lighter tax for not producing carbon emissions, not polluting the environment like a conventional car.

"If the government removes the import duty, the electric car can compete with regular cars," he said.

He added that the development of electric cars is much faster than many people expect. For example, oil and gas practitioners expect new electric cars to be mass produced by 2050.

Apparently now many manufacturers who can produce it in bulk, for example Tesla. With the increasing attention of all countries on environmental sustainability, the development of electric cars has strong support. Indonesia can not be left behind, there must be anticipation from now.

"Changes will come very quickly, people in oil and gas think that this can only be commercial in 2050. I think it is not so ... We can do it faster, it's a big issue now, all the countries are racing to make the environment greener," said Jonan.

Jonan also encourage PLN to do the anticipation as well. The electricity supply should be sufficient, the charging stations need to be prepared.

"The future of electricity in Indonesia will be enormous, PLN will not only provide electricity for households, businesses, industries, but also dynamic consumers in the transportation sector." PLN must build stations for charging If that happens we need more electricity in the future , "He concluded.

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