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11 Karimunjawa Islands Tourist Destinations Recommendations

 Karimunjawa Islands is one of the islands in the administrative area of Jepara Regency, Central Java. This area is popular with the charm of Marine Park tourism which attracts both domestic and foreign tourists. But not only marine parks, these islands have a wide selection of tourist destinations. Starting from the beach, mangrove forests, to the traditions of the local community, it is the mainstay of tourism in this area.

Karimunjawa Islands was also named "The Paradise of Java". Curious to immediately explore the expanse of heaven on earth? You should know the following 11 Karimunjawa Islands tourist destinations as recommendations to visit.

1. Tanjung Gelam Beach

Tanjung Gelam Beach - stunning remote island in karimun jawa, indonesia

Want to enjoy the sunset while on vacation in the Karimunjawa Islands? Well, Tanjung Gelam Beach will provide the best experience. You can enjoy the beauty of the sunset with clear sea water and coconut trees on the stretch of beach sand. So, don't miss this beach when on vacation to the Karimunjawa Islands.

2. Nirwana Beach

beautiful bay with clear water in Karimunjawa island

Not just a label as a Javanese paradise, Karimunjawa Islands do have Nirwana Beach. This beach has the longest line in the archipelago. Located to the east of Karimunjawa Island, Nirwana Beach is characterized by a row of waving coconut trees. Surely the mind will feel refreshed by relaxing on this beach.

3. Annora Beach

The uniqueness of this beach lies in the many swings on the beach. Hence, some tourists often refer to the destination island as Annora Swing Beach. In addition, this beach also has a hill which is the best spot to witness the view of clean sand and soothing sea. The best time to visit here is in the morning because you can see the sunrise when the weather is clear. The moment of the sunrise is no less captivating than the sunset.

4. Menjangan Besar Island

Want an anti-mainstream experience? Try island hopping to Menjangan Besar Island. Here you can swim with other tourists. This is the best place to do snorkeling.

5. Menjangan Kecil Island

This island has the best snorkeling spots with coral reefs in the Karimunjawa Islands. His name is Spot Maer which is famous for its stunning coral reefs and ornamental fish. Since the Karimunjawa Islands have been designated as a national marine park, there is no doubt about their underwater beauty and biotic richness. Get your buoys, frogs shoes and goggles ready to start your unforgettable adventure here!

6. Kemojan Island

The wreck around Kemojan Island is a popular spot for tourists. The ship turned out to have existed since the reign of the Dutch East Indies and was a coal carrier. For those who are experienced, you can do extreme snorkeling or diving to the boat site. Along with the underwater beauty, this area is one of the must-visit destinations.

7. Mangrove Forest Area

Not only marine tourism, Karimunjawa Islands also have mangrove forest areas and have become a tourist destination. Usually visitors make a walk in this place to the viewing post. When you are at the viewing post, you will be more free to witness the beautiful views of the mangrove forest. If you want to watch the sunset, this destination can also be an alternative that is no less attractive than the beach.

8. Bukit Love Karimunjawa

If you want to take selfies or take photos, Bukit Love Karimunjawa is the perfect choice. There are various selfie spots that will decorate you so that your photos can look more attractive. From a height, you can also see the stretch of sand and sea in the Karimunjawa Islands. The gentle breeze will also make you feel more peaceful. So, this place is definitely ideal for a short break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

9. Bugis Village, Karimunjawa Islands

The Bugis tribe from South Sulawesi is famous for their spirit of migration. So that it is often found in Bugis settlements in various areas, including in Karimunjawa. Kampung Bugis Karimunjawa is centered on Kemojan Island. Even though they no longer live in their original area, the Bugis people living in these overseas lands still adhere to their traditional and cultural rituals. So, you can enrich your insight into the culture of the archipelago. In fact, the house on stilts has been maintained until now. Also feel the calm and beautiful atmosphere when visiting the Bugis village here.

10. Geleang Island

Tired after traveling around the Karimunjawa Islands? Well, you can take advantage of the rest of your vacation by visiting Geleang Island. This destination is famous for its marine culinary tours. Eating rice and grilled fish from the catch of local fishermen will be a pleasant sensation. Since the fish is still fresh, the dishes here are definitely delicious.

11. Karimunjawa Square

Karimunjawa Square is the best spot to spend the night in these islands. You can hang out on the mat while under the umbrella of the night sky stars. There are also food treats that you can taste in this square. The convenience of the square will make you want to spend longer on vacation in Karimunjawa.

There are various activities that you can do in Karimunjawa, including snorkeling, diving, playing sand, enjoying the beauty of the sunrise and sunset, exploring the mangrove forest, and sunbathing. To schedule your vacation here, you need to book cheap plane tickets or buses and cheap hotels through us,

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