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The Exotic and Enchanting Karimunjawa Tourist Destinations

Jepara is a small city but has a variety of stunning tourist attractions. One of the tourist destinations that you must visit is Karimunjawa. Many say that Karimunjawa Island is not inferior to the Island of the Gods Bali, where its beauty has been known throughout the world.

If you want to vacation in a place with charming beaches and stunning underwater world, Karimunjawa is the place to be. Just like Bali, Karimun is also an island area. So, it's no wonder there are various marine activities.

The beauty of the islands in the northern part of Jepara is not in doubt. Currently, many foreign tourists have visited it. The environment is still natural, making them feel at home for long there. So, don't lose to them!

You can choose a vacation with a tour package or without a package. If you choose without a trip package, you must first master which tourist attractions to visit, the costs incurred and the best lodging. The following is information about this island in North Jepara!

Karimunjawa History

Before discussing the natural picture, activities or facilities there, it's good to know about the story of this island. Karimunjawa's origins cannot be separated from the story of Sunan Muria and his son Amir Hasan with the title Sunan Nyamplungan. Even the name Karimunjawa was given by Sunan Nyamplungan. The story begins with Amir Hasan who is spoiled and always obeyed by his wishes by his mother. However, on the other hand, his father, Sunan Muria, did not agree with his bad attitude. Then, teach about Islamic values.

Increasingly, Sunan Muria could not stand his son's behavior, so he asked Sunan Kudus to teach his son. Sunan Muria hopes that the method instilled by Sunan Kudus will be successful in changing Amir Hasan.

It is true, what Sunan Kudus taught was able to change Amir Hasan to be good. Because of this change, Sunan Kudus ordered Amir Hasan to return to his house. Sunan Muria was very happy with the change in his son.

As proof of Islamic knowledge from his son, Sunan Muria ordered Amir Hasan to teach Islamic knowledge to an isolated island. Well, the area looks vague or kremun-kremun (Javanese) from the top of Mount Muria.

On his way to the island, Amir Hasan was accompanied by 2 men who brought 2 pieces of nyamplung trees. After going through a long journey, sailing in the ocean, finally Amir Hasan arrived at the island his father said. Amir Hasan began to think of a strategy for his preaching and chose to settle on the island. Then, he gave the name Karimunjawa. Karimun is taken from the word kremun-kremun and Javanese because it is in the territory of the island of Java. Because on his way Amir Hasan brought a nyamplung tree, it was planted there and until now there are a lot of nyamplungan trees there. So, he got the title Sunan Nyamplungan.

Apart from dealing with the nyamplungan tree, according to the story of Sunan Nyamplungan is also related to the African catfish in Karimunjawa. Then, it is also related to Pierced Nails, Snake Blind, Dewadaru Wood, Setigi Wood, Kalimasada Wood on this island.

Activities that can be done in Karimun Jawa

After knowing about its history, now you should know what activities you can do when visiting this island.

Relaxing or doing activities on the beach

Arriving at Karimunjawa, the first thing you have to do is walk along Karimunjawa beach, beautiful with white sand. The clear blue sea and the scenery around the beach are so exotic that you can get rid of your fatigue after getting on the boat.

Trekking in the Mangrove Forest

Furthermore, you can also do trekking through the mangrove forest which will spoil your eyes. This shady green landscape offers cheap tours, only by paying IDR 2,500. Don't forget to bring mosquito repellent lotion.

Exploring Small Islands

Considering that the territory is an archipelago, it means that it consists of several islands. There are 27 islands that are included in the Karimunjawa archipelago and each island has its own beauty, including the small Menjangan island. Don't miss to visit it for a different vacation experience. If you want to be satisfied, you can rent a motor boat for between IDR 400,000 - IDR 600,000. One boat can accommodate a maximum of 20 passengers. It is perfect for those of you who vacation in groups.

Enjoy the Beauty Under the Sea

If you have arrived in Karimunjawa, don't miss the marine tour too. Karimunjawa Ocean has extraordinary charm. Contains a variety of marine life that will allow you to take pictures with more than 200 species of fish and colorful coral reefs.


Apart from some of the activities above, you can also fish and eat them right away. Karimun is also a paradise for people with a hobby of fishing, even fishing competition events are often held there.

Hanging out at Karimunjawa Square

If you want to experience Karimunjawa's culinary delights, you can stop by the square, it's very crowded there. Many sellers sell delicious culinary delights with a menu of various seafood and the prices are cheap. Not far there, there is also a souvenir market. You can buy typical souvenirs as souvenirs.

Facilities in Karimunjawa

Now, the facilities on this beautiful island are complete. There are various lodging options, such as homestays, hotels and villas. If you want a different experience, you can choose to stay at Wisma Apung with costs starting at IDR 150,000 / night.

Before you arrive, it's better to reserve boat tickets and lodging, be it homestays, hotels or villas at the same time. So, you won't think anymore about the availability of lodging.

When it comes to eating, there are lots of cheap places to eat, but not cheap. The taste of the cooking is good. It's not luxurious, but it can pamper your stomach.

Location and How to Get to Karimunjawa

The archipelago which presents a variety of beauty is located in the North of Jepara Regency. Administratively, it is Karimunjawa Jepara District, Jepara Regency. It is about 83 km from Jepara and can only be accessed by boat. If you are from Pantai Kartini Jepara Harbor, you can use the Siginjai Ferry which departs every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 8 am. The ticket price for economy class is around Rp. 95,000, which takes about 4 hours to travel.

Meanwhile, if from Karimunjawa to Jepara, the ship schedule is Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Apart from the Siginjai ship, KMC Bahari 9C also serves the Jepara-Karimunjawa crossing. The departure schedule from Jepara Harbor is every Monday, Tuesday, Friday at 9 am and Saturday 10 am. Travel time is about 2 to 2.5 hours. Business Rp. 150,000, Executive AC Rp. 175,000, and VIP AC Rp. 200,000.

Sometimes travel is hampered due to weather factors. So, if you want you to want to cross right away, come during the summer. Because the condition of the sea will be more stable than during the rainy season. If you want it to be easier, you can travel by taking the cheap Susi Air plane from Semarang. So, it doesn't take long for you to be able to set foot in this beautiful archipelago. That's a review of Karimunjawa Tourism Object which can be a guide for you when you want to travel there.

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