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Undip KKN-T Students Give a Demonstration of Product Processing from Mullet

Increasing Community Productivity, Undip KKN-T Students Give a Demonstration of Product Processing from Mullet.

Teluk Awur Village is a village located in Tahunan District, Jepara Regency, Central Java Province. The location of Teluk Awur Village is quite close to the beach, so that some of the people work as fishermen.

Based on research conducted by a group of two KKN-T Jepara, the majority of fishermen in Teluk Awur Village catch crabs and mullets. However, the catch is only sold in the form of raw materials.

Mullet fish or commonly called sindo fish by the local community, is one of the commodities in Teluk Awur Village. Mullet is a type of marine fish that has many benefits for the human body, because of the nutritional content contained in it.

Even though there are more crab fishermen in Teluk Awur Village, the price for crab fish is still quite high in the community. Therefore, some people in Teluk Awur Village prefer mullet for daily consumption.

Based on this, UNDIP KKN-T students tried to innovate mullet, which was originally only for personal consumption, into a product that has a selling value.

In this activity, UNDIP KKN-T Group 2 students collaborated with several parties, including the Fishermen Joint Business Group and Family Welfare Empowerment (PKK) of Teluk Awur Village to succeed in the theme carried out in the multidisciplinary work program namely "

Innovative products designed for this activity, namely snacks in the form of amplang and sambal made from mullet fish. The innovation was carried out through a demonstration of making amplang and chili sauce using mullet as the main ingredient.

The target of the demonstration activities carried out were PKK members of Teluk Awur Village. This activity was carried out on Tuesday, 15 November 2022 at the Teluk Awur Village Hall.

Demonstration activities began with the manufacture of mullet fish amplang, starting from the introduction of raw materials to the manufacturing process. Amplang is a snack made from fried fish and flour. The raw materials used can be said to be cheap and easy to obtain for the people of Teluk Awur. The ingredients used include mullets, tapioca flour, salt, sugar, baking soda, garlic, broth powder and eggs.

After that, it is continued with the process of making the amplang, starting from the process of cleaning the mullets, processing the ingredients, to the process of frying the amplangs. After the demonstration of making mullet fish amplang was finished, it was followed by a demonstration of making mullet chili sauce.

In the same vein, the mullet sambal demonstration begins with an introduction to the ingredients used, namely mullets, bird's eye chilies, curly red chilies, shallots, garlic, brown sugar, chicken broth, salt, sugar, MSG, lemon grass, bay leaves, and lime leaves.

Then proceed with the processing, starting from cleaning the mullets, making the chili sauce, to the stage of frying the mullet chili sauce.

This activity received a positive response from all participants, both from PKK women and also business people. This can be seen from the number of participants who were enthusiastic about wanting to be involved in the manufacture of amplang products and mullet chili sauce. The participants were also very enthusiastic when they tasted the results of the two products.

The demonstration of making amlang and sambal products from mullet was closed by handing over the two products to representatives of PKK Teluk Awur Village. Through this activity, it is hoped that the counseling that has been implemented can become a stepping stone and encourage the Teluk Awur village community to maximize the potential of existing resources and develop this potential to become an advantage for the Teluk Awur villagers.

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