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How To Sell Design Work on Redbubble

Our discussion this time is about how to sell design work on redbubble. Redbubble is a POD (Print On Demand) business concept platform, so it is very different from affiliate or microstock design platforms.

For those of you who are just starting to work on redbubble, it is important to remember that this website often suspends or closes the accounts of its artists. Not without reason, this is taken by Redbubble's management for its existence in selling independent works.

Copyright is the main cause of account being suspended and keep in mind, when you start a redbubble list, never violate the copyright. Try to keep your work original.

According to experience and several discussions in the forum. T shirts, stickers, and phonecase still top Redbubble's top selling products. However, as long as your design supports all products, there is no problem if it is still maximized for all products available.

Redbubble itself provides payment facilities via paypal, so make sure you have a verified paypal account before starting to register for a redbubble account.

Redbubble has more types of products. Not only for design matters, for those of you who like photography you can also apply it on redbubble to generate additional pocket money, once again, if you're lucky.

How to Upload Design or Art on Redbubble

The first thing you have to do is sign up for redbubble. fill in your email, shop name and password to register. then the following steps will appear;

You have to complete all the links to finish to be able to open the redbubble store.

Redbubble is a popular online marketplace for selling design work, including art, photography, and other graphic design creations. Here are some steps to follow if you want to sell your design work on Redbubble:

  1. Sign up for a Redbubble account: You'll need to create an account on Redbubble to get started. You can sign up using your email address or through social media.
  2. Upload your designs: Once you have an account, you can upload your designs to the Redbubble marketplace. You'll need to create high-quality digital files of your designs, which should be at least 7632 x 6480 pixels in size. Redbubble accepts a variety of file types, including PNG, JPG, and GIF.
  3. Choose the products you want to sell: Redbubble offers a range of products, from t-shirts and phone cases to stickers and wall art. You can choose which products you want to sell your designs on, and you can also choose which colors and sizes are available.
  4. Set your prices: When you upload your designs, you'll have the option to set the price for each product. Redbubble will take a percentage of each sale, so make sure to factor that into your pricing.
  5. Promote your work: Redbubble has a large community of artists and designers, so it's a good idea to promote your work on the platform. You can join groups and forums, share your work on social media, and participate in challenges to get more exposure.
  6. Keep track of your sales: Redbubble provides analytics tools to help you keep track of your sales and earnings. You can see which products are selling the best, which designs are popular, and how much money you're making.
  7. Keep creating: To be successful on Redbubble, you need to keep creating new designs and products. Stay up-to-date with trends and popular styles, and keep experimenting with new ideas and techniques. The more designs you have available, the more opportunities you have to make sales.

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