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Business idea: Business on car stickers

For almost any car owner, his property is practically a family member. What else can be said, if many people spend most of their free time with a car (or in a car)? Here is just one problem - a purchased car will delight you for a year, two, maximum three, and then you will start paying attention to newer cars and think about changing your “friend.” Although the most enterprising change is not a car, but its appearance, using car stickers.

The possibilities of tuning are now almost limitless, and even from an “ushatannaya” VAZ model you can make such a car upgrade product that the owners of foreign cars will nervously smoke on the sidelines. But all these pleasures are not at all cheap. To make a “plastic surgery” for your car will cost a pretty decent amount. But even these costs are much less than buying a new car. In this situation, we can say: that what is a problem for some is a way for others to earn money.


The idea of ​​stickers is not new, but now with the development of graphics capabilities, and printing technology, it is again gaining “momentum” in popularity. As a rule, car stickers are used for several reasons.

- Select your car among others, give it a personality (many of them even give their cars a name).
Hide damage to the paintwork. Judge for yourself, close a scratch with a sticker, chipping, rubbing, and even rust will be much cheaper than painting a car, or changing a certain body part.
- Use of stickers by fans. For example, car rally lovers often decorate their “possession” with emblems of famous rally teams.
- And finally, the last: the use of auto stickers as advertising. You can use your car as an advertisement for your business, or someone else's. In the second case, by the way, you can also earn


Let's try to put together all the advantages of automotive stickers.

- Transformation of the car. People always want something new. Auto stickers are a great opportunity to change a car without changing it.
- Savings on the "change" appearance. Many people prefer to change the appearance of the car with the help of airbrushing (more information about the business idea of ​​airbrushing can be found here). The method is very good, but very expensive - the use of automotive stickers is much cheaper, and the effect of them is just as good.
- Ability to manufacture stickers on any image. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve found a picture you like, which a person wants to transfer to your car, on the Internet, in a book or magazine, photographed from life, or even drawn with his own hand - a sticker on it can be made and pasted onto a car.
- Protection paint coating. Except that under the stickers
you can hide the damage, they also perform the protective function of this coating itself, being resistant to external influences (they are not afraid of "neither snow, nor heat, nor torrential rain", natural or artificial (for example, at a car wash).
- Durability. Car stickers perfectly perform their function without losing colors, up to five, and even more years. But, I think many, having appreciated all the advantages of using them, will change the look of their cars much more often.
- Easy removal of stickers. Tired of the image? Want something new? You are welcome! Stickers are removed from the car as easily and quickly as they are applied.


Perhaps the most important thing is the difference in cost. A good full-color sticker can be purchased for between four and ten thousand rubles, airbrushing will cost much more. And the more complicated and original airbrush pattern, the greater the cost of its application.

Next - dependence on the experience of the artist. Apply an arbitrary pattern on the car so that the arm never flinches, and the image is perfect - you should search for such an airbrush master. The majority performs those drawings in which “they got their hand” - the standard ones used by most car owners. And finally, the last argument: if the owner of the car gets tired of drawing, he will have to spend money on repainting his “friend”.


In principle, this business does not require large investments, and the payback period and the beginning of profit is only a few months. To start a business you will need:

1. A computer with a software package of various graphic and vector editors.

2. Plotter - a wide-format printer that will print and cut out the created, edited, or found images. It is on this point of equipment I advise you not to skimp, since the quality of your products and, in fact, the success of the entire business will depend on it.

3. Consumables - film for car stickers. Usually, several types of film are used for these purposes: simple (glossy or matte), high quality film (with high water resistance and good color rendition), transparent (also called stained glass), reflective, and light accumulative (accumulating light energy during the day). time).

4. The room in which you will carry out all the work on the production of stickers, and directly sticking them on cars (in case you provide such services). Here you will sell existing products, take orders, etc. For these purposes, the garage is perfect, or the gluing work can be done in dry weather right outside.


This process is so simple that even a child can cope with it with a certain training. Before sticking, make sure that the prepared surface of the car is cleaned, there is no dust, dirt, greasy traces. Carefully determine, you can even mark the borders of the picture so that it is located exactly. Do not peel off anything, just attach a sticker to the car to check how it will look. Remove the bottom paper protective layer from the sticker. 

Spray the place of application of the sticker and the sticker on the inside with soapy water - this will allow you to correct its location on the car and expel air bubbles. Attach the sticker to the car, smoothing wrinkles with a rubber trowel, removing air from under it, and at the same time drying it with hot air from a hair dryer.

Pay special attention to the places of transitions, irregularities, bumps. If the sticker does not lie flat, you do not need to move it directly on the car. Remove it carefully and reattach it. When finished, process the sticker again with a hairdryer and let it dry for a few minutes. After that, you can carefully remove (remove at an acute angle to the surface of the car) mounting film that covers the outside of the sticker.


Making car stickers is not difficult after several “training” processes, and it is quite possible for them to be engaged by one person, maximum two. It is good to combine this with other possibilities, which are revealed by the presence of a plotter: the production of interior stickers, the production of advertising, etc.

You can create your own advertising using the "traditional" methods: media, flyers, ads, your own Internet site. Conduct actions, identify weaknesses of your competitors, and make them your “strong” positions. Remember that more than half of business success depends on marketing strategy.

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