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6 Tips for Choosing a Durable Gold Necklace You Must Know

Gold necklaces are one of the mainstays of women's jewelry to enhance their appearance. Various types and designs of gold necklaces are very diverse to suit their tastes.

In addition, a gold necklace model that is not easy to break is certainly much sought after. Because the necklace can last a long time and guaranteed quality.

However, there are also other things that you need to consider before buying the gold necklace. Anything?

How to Choose a Long Lasting Gold Necklace Model

Not only looking for a gold necklace model that doesn't break easily, here are six other tips that you need to pay attention to before buying this type of jewelry:

Pay attention to the base metal

Gold necklaces can be distinguished from the base material metal. Some are made of solid gold, gold plated, or a mixture of other metals. To ensure quality, choose a gold necklace model that is not easily broken and is made of solid gold or real gold.

The price of this type of necklace is usually higher than that of gold. Gold plated necklaces can still be an alternative as a fashion accessory, but only for occasional use.

Because the color of this type of necklace fades faster depending on how often you wear it.

Choose a Timeless Model

Gold necklace trends often change over time. However, the timeless design keeps the necklace trendy and easy to match with any fashion style.

So, choose a gold necklace model that is not easily broken with a timeless design to be used as a stylish accessory or a future investment such as Essential Eclipse Necklaces.

This necklace is adorned with a solitaire diamond in the center which is framed by round cut diamonds to give it an unparalleled shine.

Adjust to the Shape of the Shoulder and Neck

The shape of the shoulders and neck can add a stylish impression to the gold necklace you are wearing. For owners of large necks, avoid using gold necklace models with short chains.

Meanwhile, those with broad shoulders are more suitable for wearing gold necklace models that are not easily broken with long chains and widening bottoms.

Pay Attention to the Rust Content

No less important in choosing a gold necklace model that is not easily broken is the carat content. The carat determines the level of pure gold contained in a piece of jewelry, the rest is a mixture of other materials such as zinc, iron and nickel.

Usually, the higher the karat, the higher the price of the necklace. You can adjust the number of carats based on your needs and available budget.

Don't just choose a necklace chain

Not only the model as a whole, make sure you also choose a gold necklace model that doesn't break easily. In addition, pay attention to whether the necklace has a strong hook and doesn't break easily.

Do not let you choose the wrong one just because the model is good and the price is cheap, but do not pay attention to the quality.

Choose the Right Necklace Length

The length and size of the necklace is usually adjusted to the activity you are doing. For everyday style, usually a gold necklace has a chain size of around 14-22 inches.

If you want to attend a party at night, choose a gold necklace with a rather long chain as a fashion statement.

If worn daily, choose a necklace with a medium chain to make it practical and comfortable when used.

As a recommendation, the Aim To Be Arrow Necklace from Adelle Jewelery is suitable to be worn as an accessory to add style to everyday life and is comfortable to wear while on the move.

Those are some things you need to pay attention to before choosing a gold necklace model that doesn't break easily.

Let's find your favorite necklace model by visiting the Adelle Jewelery website or offline store right now!

There are various choices of gold necklaces as well as other jewelry in various models, types, and prices that can be adjusted to your taste.

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