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How to Make a Photo Description When Uploaded on Shutterstock

One of the basic things that is quite confusing for contributors who have just joined Shutterstock is the upload process and how to make a photo description and include keywords in the photos you want to sell.

I created this article for you, novice contributors who are still confused about how to make a photo description when uploaded on Shutterstock.

The first is of course you have to log in first to the Shutterstock contributor page at then click the red button that says "upload images". Click the select multiple files button or just drag and drop the photos you want to upload to the box in the middle.

After that, click the next button below if all photos have finished all uploaded and you will move to the main page of this article.

Select / check one of the photos that you want to submit first, if you have lots of similar or similar photos, you can also directly check more than 1 photo.

On the right there will be many boxes that you must fill. First, first select the file that you want to submit in the form of photography or illustration / vector. Move down if you upload a photo, determine if your photo is an editorial or commercial photo.

One that will affect customer search results when searching for photos in Shutterstock's search feature in addition to the right keywork is to fill in the exact and complete description.

Fill in the description of your photo consisting of at least 5 words and a maximum of 200 characters. Fill in accordance with the photo that you will submit and must use English. You can use Google Translate if you don't speak English, so do I 😀

For commercial photos, for example, I want to submit a second photo from the left, a young Muslim woman receives Indonesian money from a man whose face is unknown, turning his back to the blue background "A young Muslim woman taking Indonesian currency from an unrecognizable man against a blue background".

For editorial photos, the writing format of the description is usually the writing of a news photo caption that must contain 5W1H, What are they? What, Where, When, Who, Why and How. For example (middle photo) "Banten, Indonesia - August 7, 2019: A man standing on cracked soil due to drought in Pandeglang, Banten Province, Indonesia on August 7, 2019".

Then you select categories 1 and 2 according to the photos you want to submit. For example for a coffee photo you can select the category Food and Drink and Object.

Next to the menu there is Release (Release Model and Release Properties). You must include a release file if there is a human model in the photograph that you will submit or a property file release if your photograph contains a building or interior design or painting and other artwork.

The last and very important is to fill in the keyword column. To fill in these keywords is actually now very easy because Shutterstock itself already provides the Keyword Tool feature next to the Deleted icon on the top.

You click the Keyword tool icon and a keyword search pop up will appear. In the search field you fill in the words that match the photos you want to upload, for example "woman taking Indonesian currency" then press enter on your keyboard, then a lot of photos will appear similar to the photos you will submit.

Select at least 3 photos from the search results, then the right keywords will appear that match your photos. Click on that keyword, choose the right one, right and accurately with your photo, a maximum of 50 words, then click the red button Attached to selected.

Finally, make sure all the entries are correct then click the red submit button at the bottom right. DONE !!

Thank you for reading, hopefully useful and please comment if you have anything to ask !!

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