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Shutterstock Color Trends Every Year

At the end of every year, Shutterstock publishes forecasts of color trends that, according to photo providers, will explode the market the following year. This trend is projected based on over one billion downloads from 24 countries.

1. Shutterstock Color Trends 2020

In 2020, Shutterstock published the colors Lush Lava #FF4500, Aqua Menthe #7FFFD4 and Phantom Blue #191970 - these three colors dominate in 2020 and they can be maximalist and rich in graphic design. Also, the impact of color on the visual world is absolute, Shutterstock claims these colors to be the best idea. Shutterstock understands the importance of color in today's millennial world, which is why it's so important to download by color.

The color Lush Lava is a fiery red color. This color means that it requires attention and responsible use in projects. The shining mix of bright orange and rich red is very attractive on screen and in the digital space, but in traditional printing it's impossible to get really bright and saturated colors.

Designers tend to prefer designing projects in graphic design in bright red colors. If blue is the most popular color that can be seen in logo designs, then red holds prominence in corporate identity and packaging design.

In European culture, red is the color of love, danger, aggression and leadership. In the east, in Asian countries, the bright red color has meanings related to wealth, health and happiness. Consider stereotypes when creating a brand, when developing a corporate identity and in packaging design.

Aqua Menthe color is called the color of the sea wave, but in the trend from Shutterstock marketers have found a new sound - Aqua Menthe / Mint. This is one example that is difficult to print in four CMYK colors.

Colors that represent ocean waves look like a sparkling mix of blue and mint, leaving no opportunity for thoughtful analysis when used in graphic design. If you see an opportunity to use aqua mint in your design, then don't forget to check how the color will look when printing. We recommend following the Coated Pantone Color Bridge (Pantone to CMYK translation).

Aqua mint color is also a direct relative of the turquoise color in surgeons' clothes and symbolizes purity and novelty, calm and peace. It resembles summer holidays, sea beaches and crystal clear waters on the islands of Bora Bora and Thailand. Sea mint can be used in both primary and secondary colors in corporate identity designs, website designs or packaging designs. This color is preferred by people who are against banality and want to look unusual and original even in small things.

Phantom Blue color is a popular color in logo designs, being trendy. Pantone, the globally recognized authority on color. Van Gogh used this color in his famous painting Starry Night, depicting deep space. Dark blues ranging from indigo to deep blue contrast with the shining moon and stars.

Blue is especially loved by designers who like to use it in corporate identity (in a simple corporate style). Blue reproduces well in traditional four-color printing, from light blue, like on Twitter, to dark blue, like the Samsung and Ford logos.

Phantom blue is rarely used in its pure form, as a rule, it acts as a background, allowing you to emphasize the value of other colors, such as aqua mint. In the Andriod corporate identity, you can see the coordinated work of two colors, aqua mint and phantom blue. These shades serve as companions, shading and complementing each other. A person who values steadfastness and stability, chooses ghostly blue, hiding his true feelings and not showing his true emotions in public.

2. Shutterstock Color Trends 2021

In 2021, Shutterstock Colors is very important for each of our experiences. Even when you don't realize it, it's him, forming a place or supporting the visuals with warmth or coolness, brightness or darkness, similarity or contrast. The power of color comes from emotion - how we think and feel when we see it. From historically created meanings to profound biological reactions, we give stories to color when color gives substance to our visual world. 

Shutterstock Colors Trends in 2021, colors used to be increased activity in the past year, appearing in more image downloads than ever before. By the HEX code data in each pixel, these colors have dominated and told the story in 2021, appealing to a universal audience in visuals around the world.

In shutterstock's annual Color Trends report, we look for colors that have experienced increased activity in the past year, appearing in more image downloads than ever before.

#FAEBD7 Set Sail Champagne

The first order there is a color Set Sail Champagne Can you see the unfolding sails on your personal holiday ship? After a year of extraordinary change, we all want to visit somewhere away from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. With a soft organic feel, Set Sail Champagne is a natural blank escapism canvas - make it your way (or need) it. 

The Sail Champagne set is a natural hue that can be used in any scheme, especially the earthy color palette featuring brown, dark grey and green. If you take a closer look, you will notice that the Champagne Sail Set is a soft orange and white color. The light from its mother color makes it a complement to the blue colour scheme - like a sailboat in open water. Try pairing it with classic baby blue or ocean teal, such as this year's Tidewater Green. As a pastel orange color, The Sail Champagne Set is also suitable for all pastel palettes. Give the modern care bright colors with the glowing holographic gradient of her analogy sister: reddish pink and soft limau green.

#DAA520 Fortuna Gold

Fortuna was a Roman goddess of fortune. Maybe you know her as Lady Luck. This warm, deep gold color is the color, representing a happy coincidence and coincidence. Like the stripes of sunshine on the golden hour or the autumn leaves lining the city streets, you can find this beautiful yellow color in moments of happiness and a short, shimmering fate.

Fortuna Gold is a dark yellow color and rich. The spectrum features variations on gold, from bright shimmering pastels to almost metallic golden browns. Fortuna's immediate complement is cerulean blue, creating a high-profile palette reminiscent of wheat fields and dark blue skies. For a softer palette, try Fortuna mixed with Sail Champagne Sets and other natural colours, such as terracotta or oars. In essence, this golden yellow is a high-level drama, and likes to be combined with other intense colors. Create a striking palette by embracing its amber quality and pair Fortuna Gold with other gem colors, such as amethyst purple and turquoise green.

#2F4F4F Tidewater Green

As the sun rises, the seasons turn, and the earth spins on its axis, the tides do not change. Tidewater Green is a reminder that change is certain. This deep, melted teal color comes with yellow and blue tinges, adding to its dynamic power. As well as being a dense forest canopy and dark waters, the beauty of Tidewater Green lies in its flowing nature.

The base color of Tidewater Green is bluish green, making this rich hue a green blue gray color. With its roots grown in the blue and green spectrum, Tidewater Green has a complex range of appendages. On the color wheel, its direct companion is another hybrid color, orange red. These colors are perfect in a super saturated scheme that mimics the ocean blue greens and warm tinges seen in fish and coral reefs. Tidewater Green also serves as a rich gray color with an un false character. Use it to grind a brighter, brighter palette featuring its triadic counterparts, such as airy lavender or modern sage greens.

Global Color Trends

Color has a deep emotional meaning, communicating the overarching theme and small characteristics of the culture that uses it. In these top 20 colors from 20 countries around the world, you'll see how colors bring unique experiences to every place and people living there in 2021.

  • Argentina #FAEBD7
  • Australia #7B68EE
  • Brazil #008000
  • Canada #FAEBD7
  • Chile #32CD32
  • France #4B0082
  • Germany #8B008B
  • India #F08080
  • Italy #7B68EE
  • Japan #FAEBD7
  • Korea #0000FF
  • Mexico #98FB98
  • Netherlands #008000
  • Norway #FF6347
  • Russian Federation #98FB98
  • South Africa #FFFF00
  • Spain #32CD32
  • Switzerland #7B68EE
  • Taiwan #9400D3
  • Thailand #7B68EE
  • Turkey #00CED1
  • United Arab Emirates #66CDAA
  • United Kingdom #F08080
  • United States #9400D3

3. Shutterstock Color Trends 2022

According to Shutterstock, 2022 is called a colorful year. Which year data with billions of colors. This color data is obtained from millions of images that have been downloaded by Shutterstock consumers. So this is a summary of the Trend Color Shutterstock in 2022.

Calming Coral #E9967A

A slightly dusty, pink color, this color is very suitable for nostalgia, the color of family, friends or school reunions. With this Calming Coral design and color, you can also finish off your girlfriend's lipstick. haha...just kidding guys. This color has a calm, soothing comfort. You can feel by absorbing the warmth of this color. You can hug him tightly by feeling his peace. Feel it in your design.

Velvet Violet #800080

The color velvet Violet is sometimes used in the term widow. ha ha ha. will there be many widows next year?? for sure I do not know. It's just a term in society that is used for this violet color. Why is that?
What you need to know is that some purple colors mean standing up and screaming, also in dire need of attention—but the Velvet Violet color means whispering and attracting attention with a strong magnetic force or what is called incoming magnetism. Still, it represents the boldest color of shutterstock trends for 2022, still able to grab attention without being overly flamboyant. The hue carried a distinctly regal tone, confident in its dignified grace and allure.

Velvet Violet embodies purple's traditional association with royalty. Its natural complement is a contrasting green—like emerald—which blends in perfect harmony. Given its darker placement on the color spectrum, it also serves as a terrific base for a flashy accent of the neon-electric variety.

Pacific Pink #DB7093

Pink is a favorite of women. Almost close to the calming color earlier. But this is Pink. The trendy color in this year's Shutterstock report is reminiscent of a faded floral image wedged between the pages of an old book. Tactile and bright. Women who like and accentuate pink are usually hot. so there is a color called hot pink.

Pacific Pink is a color reminiscent of the inevitable blush that pops when you're overcome with a headache. It looks amazing when paired with other pinks and peachy tones. And as the name suggests, apply to a complementary light teal to evoke a sunset over a glistening Pacific beach.
For women seducers, then he certainly knows the meaning of this pink color. so pacific pink is??? please write a comment answer yah!

Green reigns

Going green is easy—at least, for ads that include it in their color scheme. Thanks to Shutterstock.AI, it can define and share with you the performance patterns and success rates of ads using certain colors. This year's data shows that shades of green dominate click-through and conversion rates. So if you want your project to appear like a pro, consider adding touches of emerald, jade, lime, mint and more.
From space neon to tropical plant life, across the board green takes gold.
So here are the colors that are trending next year:
  • #C0FF80
  • #80FF80
  • #00FF80
  • #00FF40
  • #80FF40
  • #80FF00
  • #80C000
  • #00C040
  • #008000
  • #808000
  • #008080
  • #004040

Popular colors, in every country

Shutterstock data experts also decode the number codes for the most popular colors used region by region, providing a global picture of what colors are trending around the world.

4. Shutterstock Color Trends 2023

In 2023, Shutterstock is pushing the boundaries of design, following all the rules, and putting design to work in a world that is both surreal and dreamlike. This is based on the rapid changes in the world during the pandemic. Designs change according to new needs, and more than ever as new social platforms like TikTok take center stage.

TikTok users, give the colors a sensory sensation, which is just as real in the design. This sensory overload of color is responsible for the heavy emphasis around rainbow colors, retro styling, 3D design colors, bold experimental colors, as well as surreal design concept colors. The design color trend appears in 2023. Let's see!

3D Elements

True 3-dimensional (3D) images use a geometric model that has three elements, namely length, width and depth (also including volume). 3D drawings help a lot in solving the problem of physical limitations in modeling and planning, for example for the design purposes of real object designs such as architecture, interior design, and various fields. 3D images can be reproductions of the real world, or they can be purely imaginary creations.

3D design has taken the front stage in design trends emerging in 2023. The Metaverse is a huge influence for this concept. Creation of 3D images requires attention to strict 3D geometries and suitable surface textures, which is often accomplished by expensive and tedious development processes. But it will generate more dimension information for the viewer. Objects have volumetric depth.

We see everything from full realistic graphics to a more subtle addition of depth in shading. 3D elements augment the flat design of the environment and push the limits of what was once unrealistic. Not only is 3D design Colors used in the virtual reality settings, but it’s being influenced in branding, UX design, and even fashion.

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