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Hyundai Avega Specification

Many automotive manufacturers want their products to be favored by their customers. But with the rapid development in the automotive industry, forcing every automotive manufacturer, especially in the type of vehicle in the form of a car must be smart to rack my brain to be able to create a vehicle that is versatile and quality but has an affordable price. Like the South Korean manufacturer who has the name Hyundai.

To be able to compete with Japanese manufacturers that have a high popularity, Hyundai must be good at developing new innovations to produce an International quality product. In 2015 Hyundai re-introduce its newest product Hyundai Avega which is a type of SUV vehicle and will be launched to withstand the dominance of its tough competitors namely Honda Jazz and Toyota Yariz first launched in the ground water.

Carrying a car design that is almost similar to Honda Jazz and Toyota Yariz car design, the Hyundai Avega is more impressed futuristic and aerodynamic compared to jazz honda and toyota yariz. And the price of hyundai avega is also somewhat cheaper dibadingkan with its tough competitors. Has a cheap price, but has a machine performance that is as good as the engine performance offered by honda jazz and toyota yariz.

Using 1.4 Gamma D-CVVT type engine with 1,396 cc engine capacity of hyundai avega car is capable of discharging maximum power of 100 PS / 6,000 rpm and power will disalaurkan through 6 speed manual transmission FWD. With that much power the avega hyundai car mamapu do maneuvering and also acceleration is also light fast. For more details again let us refer to reviews on Hyundai Avega Specifications and Prices below.

In 2015 Hyundai Avega comes with a new look with a more modren exterior striping barter. With the cabin has a wider size and interior in a more luxurious car makes the price of this hyundai avega become more expensive than previous versions. Not only that the new look is somewhat more aggressive and more sporty make this car fit and suitable for dikendari by young people who want to look more trendy with his new car.

Has a car length that reaches 4.115 mm with a width of 1700 mm car and accompanied by a high car that reached 1475 mm makes the look of this hyundai car becomes more sporty and elegant. Moreover, this car uses 16-inch alloy wheels are aluminum-based, while the wheel is grated with tires size 195/50 which will make the look of this car more trendy. In addition to the front of this car mounted griil front jajargenjang complete with Hyundai emplem.

Still on the front sector, as a new car Hyundai mainstay of this car is also equipped with a front lamp that uses lights with LED type. The lights will provide maximum lighting on the front of this car, and the front-line cultivator feels perfect with the foglamp mounted neatly on the lower front bumper. Turning to the rear sector, on the back of this car will be more sporty with the stop lamp is neatly arranged with rear sein lights.

Hyundai Avega price is quite expensive, but the price is proportional to the performance of the machine in carry. Namely with memakain type of engine 1.4 Gamma D - VVT with a cubication of 1,396 cc engine, the machine is capable of generating maximum power of 108 PS with a rotation of 6,300 rpm engine. Meanwhile, for the maximum torque that can be produced hyundai avega car is at 13.9 kg.m with a round on the engine reaches 5,000 rpm.

And for the engine used this hyundai car meripakan engine with 4 cylinders with 16 valves that fuel gasoline. Then for the hyundai transmission system provides 2 choices of automatic transmission system with four acceleration shiftronic, and manual transmission system with six acceleration. Not quite up there alone, the specification of the machine used by hyundai avega this turned out to carry a machine characterized "Strar and Stop". Which means this car has a very responsive pull on the machine it carries.

In this sector hyudai is giving priority to driving comfort for its consumers. Having the comfort level and driving safety is also a key feature for a luxury car with a sporty design. By relying on a MacPherson type suspension with a stabilizer for the front, while for the rear of the hyundai wear suspension with the type Coupled Torsion Beam Exle. And both suspension is able to reduce the vibrations that occur in the car when passing the streets are uneven or wavy.

Strong suspension system is equipped with a strong frame structure and sturdy, so that the car is able to sustain a heavy enough bebang and able to anticipate things that are not in like as an accident. As we know this mobi hyundai has acceleration fast enough, but to stop from the speed of this car hyundai has been equipped with braking sector is quite tough in its class, that is by using brake system in the form of Disc Brake with Vacuum Power Assist on front and rear brake sector.

In addition to using a luxurious and aggressive car design, this car also has additional features that will provide comfort and also your safety in driving. Hyundai Avega has an expensive price, hyundai equip this avega grand car with additional features such as front and rear fog lamps, Dauble Airbags, Anti-Lock Breaking System (ABS), and cooler regulator inside 4 levels of cold. With some additional features that exist, will make its own attraction for this luxury car made by Hyundai.

After we listen to reviews on Hyegai Avega Specifications and Prices above, we can conclude that the car from South Korea is no less sophisticated with cars made in Japan that has had high popularity as well as Toyota and Isuzu. Meanwhile, with the price of avega hyundai averaging over the range of Rp 200 million, hyundai will present a luxury vehicle with a fairly strong and reliable engine.

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